Friday, July 8, 2011

Return to Martinique Beach...Summer Version!

 Now some of you remember when we went to Martinique Beach recently with the massive wave show.
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 Well, with this trip, the fog laid off the coast and even though visibility was reduced, 
the sun shone through with the delight of tropical breezes. 
 This beach is significantly different than our 3 beaches near home.
This one is super long...first of all...for all you walkers/joggers you will want to experience this  place.
It is 5 kms(3mi) long and you have to return, so.....
Secondly, the surf can be long like these photos or pounding surf like my last visit. <<(Click here)
This makes for a great stroll to hunt for sea glass...Did I say sea glass? Oh yes, I did!
 Thirdly, the sand is super hard, almost like cement in places, 
so I have to be careful that I don't play too rough and hurt my paws and joints. 
Unfortunately, this happened in 2007 and I had a recoup time of a couple of months.
 Fourthly, do you see humans...nope...nada...very can I say
other than
 I told you the beach is long and Jim and I were bound and determined to reach the other end.
 I split second training session thrown in, is just fine with me....really...I love it!
 We reached the far end and I beat Jim back....aaah!
Now, look who's all invigorated and looking all "Robinson Crusoe"!
A much need walk and mind flush,
this reality is so rejuvenating and necessary
every now and again!