Sunday, February 23, 2014


This weekend,
this last weekend in February
which normally is fr-fr-fr-freezing cold to the nth degree in Nova Scotia
was absolutely grand
it absolutely put a spring (pun intended) in my step
I trotted off into the park with Jim
while Ron hugged the shore path
(which is a non-doggy area after 10 a.m.
so I couldn't take his path)
I sniffed the grassy trails
and left a few calling cards like all the other doggy's 'do do'!
(Psst ~ lots of 'do do' doggy pooper scooper picker uppers everywhere
Keeping the park clean is my mantra)

The birds, oh yes even the birds could feel SPRING in the air.

I just know with paws crossed that SPRING
is descending upon us super fast this year.

See the flowers are in bloom in this window!
This is a sign I just know I'm right!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Sitting quietly in the car at the park
taking in the view below
knowing that tranquility came be long-lived or momentary

then an avalanche of feathers tumbled out of the sky

landing ever so neatly
on the pavement beside our neighbour's car
the onslaught continued
with grace and beauty
with movement so fast
so precise
that the myriad of birds all sorts
seemed to know exactly what to do
only permitted to feed within a few minutes
almost discussing who's to drop in next
to alight upon this vehicle to receive treats
and delight all onlookers who luckily had their camera phones ready
I reckon this happens daily
with the amount of birds spilling out of the heavens.

I can only say it had me intrigued!
Don't know about Jim though!?!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


200 cms (78 inches or 6.5 ft) of snow
have fallen upon us since early December
along with the winds
those harsh blowing North Atlantic winds

that straighten my hair
with one blast
 no de-tangler
in my back pocket required

nor need I worry about the frizz-look
embarrassing me at the local mall.

There's no way
anyone could survive the ferocity
except maybe the occasional gull

even the cargo tankers have to wait out the strength
of Mother Nature's continual onslaught

but with all this being said
Nature's Beauty
just appears on the horizon
with the ocean spray
ignited by the sun's rays
flashing through the clouds.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


The wind is fierce today folks
so we knew we had to go to the beach!
Rounding the corner heading to Lawrencetown Beach
we knew that our visit would be a special one
out of the car
up over the grassy dunes
onto the rocky shore
as close as we dare
the beach felt deserted
as the surf churned wave after wave
and yes I was on my Doodle mission to sniff out anything
after the shoreline was literally pounded with this wave action
I did however miss this
Ron told me after the walk
that he came upon this seagull
which must have been overtaken
by nature's upset
yet across the street from the parking lot
were these birders
very focussed on what I thought were these crows
(seemed strange indeed)

I looked back across the street
for one last look at the surf

and there s/he was
an adolescent Snowy Owl

 by that time
the place was filling with birders
and the owl decided things were getting a little too close

so up high on top of a telephone pole s/he rousted
(I'm sure thinking that people can be very odd at times)

Today was the full spectrum of
Life & Death
even though I was shielded from the latter.

That's OK folks!
I've come across the remains of critters before
and am totally fine with that!

Friday, February 14, 2014



I celebrate Valentine's Day everyday because

I wear
around my neck
365 days of the year!
Today though is a lot more special!


Thursday, February 13, 2014


Whenever we reach the middle part of the each week this winter
we have had a snow event
from beautiful light fluffies falling to massive dumpings
clogging our driveway.

So I am bound and determined to get my exercise in
before Mother Nature shows us her wrath.

This ginormous snow / rain storm
which the weather stations love to build up to Armageddon proportions
should whiten us and wash all our sins away.
At least that's what it sounds like,
so I'll just catch Mr. O on the fly
and just keeping truckin' along.

Sometimes I just like to float
both pictures above prove that very fact.

If you have some time and want to see some icicles on my beach ~~~ click and enjoy!
(Please excuse Ron's attempt at narration
he has laryngitis and he sounds muffled sometimes)
I now whether you watched the video or not!
See my eye looking up at you!?
Well, it's got DOODLE VIDEO ESP!
OK, folks ~~ it's time to go home
so we can hunker down for ANOTHER storm.
Somebody up there ain't happy with us this year.
Jus' Sayin'