Saturday, February 8, 2014


My morning was going the norm as usual
when from out of the blue
I ended up here 
my home away from home.

As you can see I'm over the top excited

to spend some doggy time here 
in the fresh open air with my buddies
old and new.

some of them would have climbed into the camera
if they could figure away to

always a delight to see and smell "horse"
(that's what I call him)

Jim seemed like he had won the bonanza
taking pictures here of the dogs and the view

the spectacular view 

Doodles are the same everywhere
so photogenic
yes I'll allow this photo op this time!

OK the visit is over and I have to go home.
Thanks Mary!!

Thanks birdhouse/hotel!

Thanks crop circles!

Thanks fence with beautiful view!

Thanks steep road to Mary's house!

Just a super happy 
for your super kindness 
for this unexpected visit
on a pristine bluebird sky day.