Thursday, October 31, 2013


Aahhhh, finally we are back at our little hidden beach
at the park which means a swim with Mr. Orangie.

I know I have a stick in my mouth.
What can I say ~~~ Mr. Orangie stayed in the car today.

I leaped over these two rocks today.
Aren't they cool?!

Reaching one of the higher points in the park we saw 
the sights below.

Neon pink and yellow sails ~~

skirting passed each other with a transparent and black one nearby.

Not to mention 
I saw this seal enjoying a relaxing moment
on this shoal of rocks.

These peeps really know what they are doing
just like myself when fetching Mr. O
focus and beeline it for the intended target.

Mr. Crow had a target too
as we ambled along the path.

These berries which are everywhere.
Ready to feed any bird
that wants them.

I know I feel much better after
getting the blood flowing
 and exercising for over an hour and half.
I sure hope you got to feel a moment of peace and serenity
on my walk today.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A moment in time
~~~ eyes gaze pointedly on the subject ~~~

capturing a obvious sense of friendship

 ~~~ capturing a group gesture of love ~~~
with 2 familiar park people friends
a Newfoundlander by the name of Bijou

~~~ the ease of life ~~~
a quick glimpse captured

Oh Ron !
You are having too much fun today.
I can certainly relate.

Each picture tells a story
which I hope gives you some peace.
Now, don't waste a moment!
Grab your camera and go outside
and take some pictures.

Monday, October 28, 2013


HURRY ~~~ before the sun goes down !

Got your attention now,
don't I !

That big round orb in the sky always 
attracts everyone
including us
when it offers a view like this.

Even the surfers are captivated
staring as the last rays of the sun
are covered by the layered clouds ~~~

~~~ casting all shades of orange
across the water.
You will after you see this ^ link ^ about orange.

So, I stand quietly as the orange disappears 
signalling our return to the car
and a sweet snooze in
SnoozeVille !

Saturday, October 26, 2013


History on two accounts is fueling the fire today.
1st ~ The French Cross behind me was erected 
to mark the spot of
( this is the exact spot )

2nd ~ My stance ~~~ reminds my Dads of 

all of this in one photo !!

Needless to say the guys were all over the French Cross taking pictures
while I met this "Ol' Yeller" feller.

Noses were top of the list, pronto !

and man oh man this one smelled like cow manure.
Check out my reaction.

My senses began to tingle like SPIDEYDOODLE !!

PHEW ~~~ what is it with male farm doggies
don't they know they need to wash up before they go accourting?

The cows as usual were totally bored.

But I can assure you
I had a DOODLE of a time 
with my new stinky friend
in the land of history.


Thanks everyone for your support in helping me take care of Ron.

Even Jim wants to thank you
as he knows every little smile counts.

Walking this trail always makes me
 feel calm and relaxed
especially after this passed week and month.

Jim always has something to tell me
and I am always ready
 and able 
to listen and accommodate.

Having a good long walk with my besties 
on a perfect autumn day 
along my favourite boardwalk
at my favourite beach
just helps to put the world into a better perspective.


Thursday, October 24, 2013


After helping Jim at his photo shoot last Saturday, 
Ron has come down with a cold.

You know how 'loud doggies' can get the EYE
when someone is so miserable
well, I've been whispering the entire time.

Well, guess what?
 I sat beside him
kept him SUPERDOODLE company 
the entire week,
comfort and snuggles
are always at the top of the list.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Out in the garden this morning 
standing guard
surveying the property
making sure everything is copacetic

The Moon Maple reaches ever so gently to the heavens
as a few rays of sunlight kiss the leaf.

I'd say all's well in DOODLEVILLE !!

More sunlight caressing the PaperBark maple
illuminating the curling sheaths of bark
along the side of the trunk

The seedlings of the Burning Bush
are ready to pop
and fall to the ground to re-emerge next season.
Life is an never-ending process
with constant change

Oh man all this heavy thinking
 is making me so tired.
Time for a power snooze.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Last week 
was an unexpected period of

Family visitor's, 
one's that I only knew when Ron was on the phone talking to them
entered my life and shared themselves.

 I only saw it fit to share my world with them
along the shores of Stony Beach.

Taking advantage of the beaches
is No. 1 on their list
because they live many miles (kms) away
in Alberta.

One sojourn had us snooping about the Halifax waterfront
and Ron and I waited patiently for his brother, Mike and SIL Susan 
while they milled about the market inside the building
which I might add is off limits to you know who.

I really like Mike 
so I began my relentless gift
of bringing Mike into my arena, my fold 
with my miraculous staring technique.

Do you think it's working?
I do because Mike is getting ready to put a big wet one on me.
Really he is !!

I miss them so much !