Sunday, October 13, 2013


This has been the best THANKSGIVING celebration
for Ron and Jim in a very long time.
Firstly, I am at one of my favourite pools to swim and fetch Mr. O ! 

But the most IMPORTANT connection is Ron's with
his brother Mike
sister in law Susan
some  "stiff"  behind them.

I really think the SMILES tell it all
in so many different ways.

Cameras seem to be the mainstay
and hey why not !
We live in a beautiful province
it's autumn in Nova Scotia
so the colours and views are over the top beautiful.

 Everywhere we visited there was a joy long awaited.

Even on the rocks at Peggy's Cove
I was overjoyed 
after swimming in my pond.

Mike took some time to discover this area
with the lighthouse
in the background.

The waves were very tame today,
but at least we all got a good workout on the rocks.

Our relationships are slightly similar
in that Mike and Susan were married 1973
Jim and Ron met in 1973.

I sure hope their 6 days on the east coast 
were all and more 
than they expected,
because it was for me !!