Thursday, October 31, 2013


Aahhhh, finally we are back at our little hidden beach
at the park which means a swim with Mr. Orangie.

I know I have a stick in my mouth.
What can I say ~~~ Mr. Orangie stayed in the car today.

I leaped over these two rocks today.
Aren't they cool?!

Reaching one of the higher points in the park we saw 
the sights below.

Neon pink and yellow sails ~~

skirting passed each other with a transparent and black one nearby.

Not to mention 
I saw this seal enjoying a relaxing moment
on this shoal of rocks.

These peeps really know what they are doing
just like myself when fetching Mr. O
focus and beeline it for the intended target.

Mr. Crow had a target too
as we ambled along the path.

These berries which are everywhere.
Ready to feed any bird
that wants them.

I know I feel much better after
getting the blood flowing
 and exercising for over an hour and half.
I sure hope you got to feel a moment of peace and serenity
on my walk today.