Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mill Cove Beach

 We departed from the Trellis restaurant and headed down the Blandford Peninsula to Mill Cove Beach.
Last year I came nose to nose with a loon while swimming there.
Click the links just above to see (the map and the loon)!
 I jumped out of the car and look what I found at one end of the beach!
 A fresh water pool flowing into the ocean.
 Some enterprising soul dammed the flow and made a pool for peeps and doggy's to cool off.
 I paddled around with Mr. Orangie for quite some time, while Jimbo reinforced some heavy leaking spots.
 This view shows the breadth of the water flow and a church in the background,
as Jimbo and I toddle off to find sea glass.
 But look who found us...Nova...a little something or other.
 We tore up the beach with all the excitement of two friends on a summer day at the beach.
We zigzagged in the sand....twirled a few times and charged through the fresh water flow.
This was just about a perfect moment for me!
Who am I kidding...!
It was the best time I've had in a dog's age!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Trellis for Lunch~~~~

"Snoozeland" is where my head was this morning when from out of nowhere I heard..."Let's go to The Trellis for lunch, Sophie. Are you game?" Hello...Did anyone ever hear me say "no" to anything? I don't think so. The reason being is that I knew where The Trellis Restaurant was located, not far from a few beaches on the South Shore. Swimming is definitely on the agenda for today...!

Hi..I'm in the car waiting...Is this a sign of being too eager?
We arrived in relatively good time because the tourist season isn't quite in full swing and the children aren't out of school until June there were no families on the road adding to the car numbers. 
Hey's me...don't you remember me...your cute little doodle?!
What's with the looking straight ahead and ignoring me? do see me...don't you think it's cool where the car was nice and close!
Is Jim saying grace or just trying to hold his head up? 
I don't know.
Ron and I had a great chat about the trip while he sucked back his java.
Psst...hey Ron...don't you think it's time for a haircut...looking kind of shaggy! wink wink

This shop called 'For The Love of Daisy' was next door. It's a holistic shop for pooches and kitties. The last time I visited here I went inside and sniffed pretty much everything. The lady owner and dog friend were on a break today, so all I had a chance to sniff were the flowers. I do enjoy colourful posies.

The Trellis Restaurant is quite enjoyable especially in the summer with the outdoor patio.
Now that we have finished lunch we are heading down the road for a swim.
Drop by my next post and you'll see what I discovered and who I played with.
Next time....! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ferns with "Just" a Touch of Moonlight!

 This morning while under the Japanese Maple (yes, another one, for those counting)....
 I slipped under the fern leaf canopy,
 trying to locate my own, would you believe, grass for munching.
 With the monumental amount of moisture we've had this spring,
 I have to search very carefully,
 sniffing the trail for my reward.
 I won't tell you exactly where it is under all this greenery
 because a girl has to have some secrets, right ladies!
 I, now, know that the pink perennial geraniums are close by as a marker...
 and just beyond them,  is the rocket flower and Star of Bethlehem.
For those that remember where the tool shed is, well, now you are very close to my cache.
 After sating myself on greens, I ventured up the deck to view the Moonlight Clematis.
The vine is covering one end of the driveway entrance this year.
With all the prominence of green, a wee bit of white just seems to perk up the view.
So, don't forget to keep the fern trail "hush, hush" lovelies!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eating my Salad on MacDonald Hill

Seems that a dog can't have a good munch 
without being told to 


Well, guess who ain't listening.


 I've been told there's a wee bit of blurriness in the video
nevertheless enjoy the view 
like we do when the sun shines!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stink Remover Swim at Seaforth Beach!

 Yesterday while on our way to the supermarket/grocery store,
we stopped at Seaforth Beach for a quick swim.
Actually, what the real reason for the water submergence was to remove
the stench I picked up from rolling in something... somewhere...not telling...winky wink!
 Notice how the beach drops off quickly!
 We and the humans have to be super careful for undertows/rip currents here.
 Last year we visited this beach just after Hurricane Earl arrived.
 Today the beach is relatively calm and so no worries with me going out there.
 See these waves are harmless, but sure sound nice.
 Check out the impish look in my eyes.
I do this when I start teasing the guys.
They are so easy!
 Just try and catch me....dare ya!
 Come on...!
I thinks the guys have fooled me long enough
with this swim/bath session.
WELL, the laughs on me...!
It didn't work and when I got home...
guess who ended up in the tub blowing bubbles....winky wink!
Ron and!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Say What!?

Hey Jim! You listening to me?
What do you think of this view today? See the helicopter overhead?
Well, it didn't deter me from going for a swim in the Northwest Arm.
The water is looking pretty good to me!
It would look pretty good on you, Jim, if I could reach you.
How do you like this effect?
This side of the park is calmer...peaceful because it faces south and west, no north winds biting my tail.
Loads of benches for doglovers and lovers to use...winky wink!
You just might see the stream on the right. It's a spring run off...
and here it is dripping over this rock from a leaf.
And Jim did you see the inukshuk? It's just below the tree and to the right. Cool!
I wanted you to know that I really look forward to this park walk.
Imagine 90 per cent of  the park is off-leash!
What more could a doodle ask for!