Thursday, June 23, 2011


 Serenity comes in many forms as you will see
as witnessed during our walk this morning.
~~~like viewing a mirror image~~~

 ~~~staring intently at a flattened ball waiting for the pop~~~
 ~~~keeping an eye on Jim the photographer~~~
 ~~~an early morning gallop to the water's edge~~~
 ~~~having the entire beach to myself~~~
 ~~~realizing that sharing the beach is just as powerful~~~
 ~~~meeting a new friend and listening intently~~~
 ~~~discovering a stream, finally reaching the ocean side~~~
~~~realizing 40 days of rain have passed and we do live in a paradise~~~
 ~~~soaking in a salt water pool to cool off~~~
and just absorbing the freshness 
of the 8 a.m. walk 
along our favourite coastline.