Thursday, May 29, 2014


Just a few minutes of exercise on the beach ~
Then home for breakfast!
Come on along!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I'm centered and focused as usual,
minding my own DOODLE BUSINESS when ~~~

Daddy Jim opens his mouth and shows me two fingers ~~~ huh!?! 

 One for the right knee ~~

 One for the left knee ~~~

I guess he thinks he accomplished something ~~

All I can say is,
"Get me outta here!
He has gone nutso!"
Oh, I guess I'll be good to him
afterall he does feed me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Come stroll with me
Come along
Take a moment for yourself
I do every morning
My front yard has paths and shrubs
more paths and shrubs.

It's a feast for the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and paws.

So inhale & exhale.

Your Welcome!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Focus #1
~ Postcard perfection ~

Focus #2
Slithering through north or south 

Focus #3
On Guard sitting / standing

Focus #4
Tacking beyond the Evergreens

Focus #5
Double the Pleasure

Focus #6
Satisfaction Always Guaranteed

Friday, May 23, 2014


This morning Ron took me for a much needed early morning beach walk ~~~

so that I could get my beach legs back in order again.
Look ~ you can see 2 sea gooseberries in front of me.
As I mentioned HERE these blobs are out in numbers this year it seems.

This video made up of 2 walks today 
AM & PM 
will show you the drama  in the sky
but that doesn't stop me.

In the afternoon, 
1/2 way down the rocky outcrop 
the sun broke through the clouds and 
lit up my my NATURALLY BLOND 'COILS' !!

The skies were heavy with thick ominous clouds
only permitting a moment of sunshine to slip through.

You could feel the clouds pressing down 
as we followed the path.

But as I said,
Mother Nature just doesn't scare me
in the slightest.
She is just too beautiful in my humble DOODLE opinion.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Winter, the long winter has come and gone and not soon enough!
My "lady parts" issues kept me from dipping myself
in every pond, lake or puddle for a few weeks/months now.

But I'm feeling almost 100%,
so the canal was such a welcome surprise
for me and Mr. Orangie.

Clean , fresh, flowing lake water 
is the 'sweetest feeling' water
as it rinses over me
over and over again!

Automatically eliciting my massive DOODLE SHAKES ~~

while nibbling copious amounts of salad as I drip dry, sort of 

I'm ready for another dive into the water guys!
I'm ready!

Spring has arrived!
I've had my first bath 'au naturel' as
Jim covers up from the bugs 
that unfortunately for him

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm always on the move.
Surprise, eh!
But do you see the green stuff under my feet?

This makes me very HAPPY
much more than you know!

I swear I have a SMILE on my face as I trot through all these fledgling shoots of grass.

They are spreading across my world 
just like a Monet painting.

Deciding to stay out of my path
because they know we'll just trample them down ~~
not intentionally of course.

I'm dodging the blades of grass 
as I scramble along this soft path 
of last year's grasses ~~

as I try to find my favourite type of grass

even in amongst the wild strawberries

but I know the perfect clump of green sweetness

is in my backyard 

hiding quietly and unobtrusively

under the bows of my Star Magnolia tree.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Oh HI there!
You finally caught up to me
just a moment while I dig this hole to New Zealand !!
Winks for Jean!
(go check her out my friends!!!)

Yes, we are continuing our stroll on Clam Harbour Beach ~

 not Crab Harbour Beach in the least.

Jim has me exercising like a fool,

must be because it's so flat and I really need a workout.

 Mr. Orangie will never get lost in the fog
while I have my DOODLE EYES on him.

Jim seems to be in good humour
no doubt Ron said something so funny
Jim just couldn't contain himself ..... or NOT!!

These little fellers were strewn all over the sand.
Sea Gooseberries are a familiar sight 
on the beaches this time of year.

Not only do we find those little gems 
looking like jellied diamonds all over the beach but ~~

as I discovered very unexpectedly that life can turn the other way very quickly

Daddy Jim is pointing at a carcass behind him
and which I am heading over to sniff.

A seal offered up by the ocean
and without a moment's thought we scooped each other up
and departed from this area.

I know folks what you are thinking
but guess what I did not sniff it,
I left it alone.
Aren't you proud of me?

Such is the way of life and death on a beach.
I have witnessed so many things as I saunter along our sandy beaches,
but today was a milestone
because I left the beach without a whiff of a scent of seal on my coat.
Years ago I would have dove onto it.
Does that mean I'm growing up?
Me thinks so!