Thursday, June 23, 2016


Swimming this morning in the North West Arm
without a Doodle care in the world ~

A two-step was in full swing inside this luscious pink rose

a solo engorgment of pollen by this bee as we stared down inside

so still 
so beautiful 
so Lady Bug 

almost translucent hiding in amongst the stamens

the white roses are a fresh pink before opening up to us

blackberry blooms so crinkly 

I continue to swim
rescuing Mr. Orangie from a fate worse than death.

As I return to the top of the hill 
I hear the buzzing of yet another bee
totally lost in all these blossoms ~

while Jim snoozes on the bench soaking up the beautiful summer warmth
and I take a reprieve from fetching and chewing Mr. Orangie 
within an inch of his orange life.
I do love our summers especially getting lost in the park, 
meeting friends,
listening to the bees
devouring a green salad
anytime I want.
I Love My Summers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Today is a day of remembrance in my Daddy Ron's family.
A day which honours his father Flight Lieutenant Gordon W.A. Troke
who would have been 100 on this June 14th, 2016.

Ron's father died on June 24, 1952 
based in North Bay, Ontario 
after re-enlistening for the Korean War.

were all his father knew and owned.

This information was garnered from "cieldegloire" website.
(if you decide to view this site ^^
you must translate from french. 
The photos above are the english version 
translated by'll noticed some unlikely translations)

With only one memory etched in his mind of his father,
Ron says he always wanted to know his history, to know the feeling of flying
and his father's strength and fortitude of mind.
This link below will show you spitfires flying and photographed by handheld method.
Ron said that these were the answer for him.
The crisp sharpness of the photos are so exacting and helped give a true feeling for his father's bravery and daredevil.
There is a video as well after the 5th photo which with the silence makes the moment even more profound.


Thanks everyone for my indulgence
may peace
surround you on this special day.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hi, over there!
It's 'yours truly' over here!
This is a bog, a cranberry bog that I so enjoy exploring.
Look what has landed and taken over my world ~~

Moisture laden tentacles seem to be reaching out in all directions!

Standing tall amongst all the vegetation
as if surveilling the land?

As I look closer I see some insects stuck to the tentacles.

A little humour thrown in ~
as I see this "band leader" with baton in hand.
What in the world is going on?

I know this toad wasn't about to hang around for any tete a tete!

I do believe I have stumbled upon an almost alien-like world in my bog.
Even though there are larger, more scarier things in this world
by looking down around you
things can appear somewhat the same,
but really it's just
life in a bog
survival of the fittest!
It is all around us
this is our world.