Sunday, March 29, 2015


Yes, you guessed it right my loyal followers
♫♫♪•*¨*IT SNOWED AGAIN!! *¨*•♫♫♪
white fluffy powder snow
just enough to get me 

enough to send me into orbit around the cherry tree
and prepare me for an unexpected trip to my favourite hill
~ MacDonald Hill ~

Jim is trying to knock the snow off the mugo pine
so that it will land on me!
I am too smart for his shenanigans.

Jim headed inside MacDonald House,
it's Sunday ~ his day of work.
Ron and I will just take in this view
and watch the surfers.

This surfer's legs are covered in snow,
as I mentioned it snowed again last night.

 ~ Deep deep snow down the trail to the bluff ~
(Did I ever tell you I came upon a film crew here
a couple years ago,
 so being a friendly sort
I walked right in the middle of things and 
introduced myself.)

Looky here the snow is beginning to melt
which truly is a good thing 
because 2 months of storms 9+ 
just about frays the nerves.
I heard the humans say.

Really this winter has been a long one but
for me an 8 year old DOODLE in love with LIFE
I can handle 2 months of snow,
since I have my chauffeurs ready 
whenever I need them.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


People have been asking 
"How's Sophie doing?"
"What happened anyway?"
"Is she going to be OK?"
Well here we are high on MacDonald Hill taking Sophie for a run
after seeing our new VET Ms. Shannon!

It seems that a deep fold on Sophie's lower left lip
has become infected causing much consternation and DOODLEFICATION!
For the next 2 weeks, daily cleansing in the morning with a magic solution and cream
plus magic cream in the evening will take care of this 'not uncommon' situation.

It seems to be very effective 
because Sophie's discomfort has diminished 
and her immediate reaction which is 
no reaction, 
no scraping her lip, 
no whining, 
with much anticipated restful sleeps now. 

Sophie is so over-joyed 
so happy
so beyond herself
that she can not control her exuberance on the hill.
See ~~~

 ~~ she is so sorry she knocked Daddy Jim out of his crouching stance onto his keester ~~

She is just so 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


All I was doing was minding my own business
snoozing on the floor in the warm spring sun,
when Daddy Jim called the vet.
Well, it seems that my left lower lip has a fold.
I blame it on my chocolate lab DNA,
so we are off to have our new vet take a gander at it.
She's a sweet heart!
The lip hasn't gotten any better
so the guys think it's time for another decision.
So to make things easier on them and me
I decided we should go for a stroll / walk / zen moment
on the hill. You'll see below ~~~

I feel so much better now,
so we are off to VET-LAND!!
Later Gators!!

Friday, March 20, 2015


I spent most of yesterday helping Ron 
build a path so we could get out of the back door.
(The smothered plant is one of our Japanese Maples, oy!)

 Not much chance we will get to the shed for awhile,
this snow stuff is deep / drifted and draining my energy.

 I don't expect the birds will be taking a bath too soon either.
We watch them from one of the living room windows,
but no way is anything taking over the birdbath except this snow!

I follow my tracks along the very, very narrow path
which goes out the back door 
over to the hemlock trees
then for some reason turns around 
returning me home.

Sometimes I believe I hear the neighbour's two dogs.
They are super small,
so I'm worried about them
because the snow would swallow them up
so easily.

So this morning after the sun came up
we so appreciate the plowman's efforts
who finally arrived at 9 p.m.
with a monster snow eater upper!
We can now leave the house and restock the fridge.

So I ran outside checked all the paths and the driveway.
Everything is A-OK,
so let's jump into the car and get my treats!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So this is what happened in the last 24 hours.
a late winter sky-opening snow cover
as big as all get out!

The winds blew and howled drifting so much snow.

covering absolutely everything

almost covering up our blue/green horse weather vane
on the clematis covered driveway fence

This is truly the 1st time in my 8 years
that I have ever had to deal with this amount and height of snowbanks.

But when a girl has to go ~~~

well, a dame has to relieve herself ~~~

underneath my favourite snow-peaked birdhouse
(only one here 
even if it looks like 2)

But with all this surprise of white fluffies,
look what I found just for you guys!
A SNOWHEART on our pear tree!
(will this make the pear blossoms come sooner?)

Here I am foraging my way through the snow drifts out our back door!
(You'll see the SNOWHEART to the right near the end!)

 Mid-March in Nova Scotia!
It's either cold 
or some form of snow!
No wonder School Break is this week.
Really they don't know what they are missing!

Monday, March 16, 2015


We have reached the top of the hill and Sophie knows exactly
where to go even if she hasn't been up here 
since early last year. 

I follow Jim and Sophie 
sure-footed in our ice grippers 
with the cliff view teasing us as we get closer and closer.

Peace Out to everyone!
We three realize that this is a
for me.
I haven't climbed this hill since my heart attack
never thought I would ever be up here again.

Sophie keeps the pace up
aiming directly for the edge of the cliffs.
As I have said many times
she has no fear!

See what I mean!
~ as calm as a cucumber ~ 
(oh BTW ~ Jim's school kids used to call him Mr. Cucumber)
I digress again!

Sophie Honey please give us a break, won't you!?
Please come back from the edge.
Oh my my healing heart!

A short video slightly noisy
but will give you an idea
of  the cliff height
and Sophie's lack of fear.

Finally, there is our car along side the highway.
I really am glad to see it
because it means that if anything should hiccup
then I can  be home pronto.

There you are 
"My Nemesis"
I conquered you, again!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Do you see 
this grade of land?
this hill?
this mountain?
Oh I could go on!
Oh you want me too!
OK then ~~~ •*¨*•♫♪

 Do you see Sophie and Jim captivated by scents 
for HRH
and by the surrounding view 
for Jim?

I digress ~~ this is Jim's view,
a completely frozen bog area
so frozen that it may not thaw until summer.
Seriously, you never know!?!

and Sophie has reached the base of the hill 
and MAGNET-NOSE has discovered this ~~

the complete likeness of  an ELEPHANT'S NOGGIN
so much looking and feeling like a pre-historic mastodon.
But alas no scent,
move on!

So up the hill she continues ~~

 looking over her shoulder to see the frozen bog
and checking out Lawrencetown Beach
for any chance to maybe go for a swim.
Not yet honey!

Still building on the point of all this story ~~
 is Jim following the ice covered path
with a frozen Porter's Lake gleaming in the background.

Time to take a picture of this he decides ~~

 because even if it's winter 
and freezing cold 
and slippery slidey
and so very blue 
rarely do we see such beauty
unless of course you climb up this hill
well, just soak it in!

The beach below doesn't appear friendly yet.
The sand has not returned to cover the rocks
and the green grasses and flowers have not covered the landscape.

Yet none of this means anything because 
well just look at the SMILE on Jim's face.
Something's up!
Something's important!
Something's Monumental!

Come Back and Find Out!