Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So this is what happened in the last 24 hours.
a late winter sky-opening snow cover
as big as all get out!

The winds blew and howled drifting so much snow.

covering absolutely everything

almost covering up our blue/green horse weather vane
on the clematis covered driveway fence

This is truly the 1st time in my 8 years
that I have ever had to deal with this amount and height of snowbanks.

But when a girl has to go ~~~

well, a dame has to relieve herself ~~~

underneath my favourite snow-peaked birdhouse
(only one here 
even if it looks like 2)

But with all this surprise of white fluffies,
look what I found just for you guys!
A SNOWHEART on our pear tree!
(will this make the pear blossoms come sooner?)

Here I am foraging my way through the snow drifts out our back door!
(You'll see the SNOWHEART to the right near the end!)

 Mid-March in Nova Scotia!
It's either cold 
or some form of snow!
No wonder School Break is this week.
Really they don't know what they are missing!


  1. OHMYGOSH! You three amigos really got it bad there. That is a lot of snow. What a trooper Miss Sophie was digging her way through that. But when you gotta go... :)

    1. A day later and the sun shines leaving us with mounds of snow to move ~~~ we did a couple shifts then said "No More" ~~ felt good!

  2. You got a huge dump of snow! We usually get them at this time of year. In fact, this is the 12th anniversary of a 7' dump of snow here!

    Ask your Dads to stomp down some "business area" for you, Sophie. That makes "going" easier! I hope that you three amigos are warm, cozy and happy.

    1. Your 12th anniversary 7' dump seems to be around the same time that we had the biggest ever one day snow dump dubbed "White Juan" in 2004!! Hurricane Juan 2003 had roared through a few months earlier so fresh in our minds when the snow storm hit it became White Juan. I was at a retreat for 3 days so couldn't help Jim shovel the drive way which took him all those 3 days. I do owe him for that you know.

      Sophie found a miracle spot for her business and everything is AOK!

      Cheers KB!

  3. Wow - you really did get dumped on, Sophie! That's almost too much snow to have fun in but it's so beautiful!

    1. I is draggin' me arse around in dis stuff you guys!

      Me is 'Xhausted!!

  4. oh wow-I loved the snow heart-how special and that is just way too much snow-I hope you get some help getting dug out-hugs for sophie

    1. Help is coming tonight a full 2 days later ~~ such is our community!!

      Better late than never I guess!

  5. It's truly beautiful... when you don't have to go anywhere, that is. But you must be so looking forward to spring. And of course a snow heart would form in YOUR garden!

    1. Spring is on Friday and word has it ALL THE SNOW WILL BE GONE ~~~ in my dreams I guess!!

  6. Replies
    1. That ain't he only one Debra!!

      There's more and more and more!!


  7. Wow Sophie, winter really hasn't finished with you yet!
    Good thingy you're taller than me otherwise you'd need to dig tunnels to go out for potty!
    Luffing the snow heart though, very cute
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. You should see me struggle through the snow draggin' myself along!

      Not a pretty sight!!

      Cheers anyway!

  8. Pretty Soph. But "I surrender!" This winter is just toooo much !

    1. We all have bowed down gracefully to Old Man Winter, this year!!

  9. "some form of snow'....that's an understatement to us! Can't believe all that white stuff. Love the heart!

    1. This amount of snow hit us in 2004 so I'm beginning to think it's a ten year phenomenon ~~ if so! ~~ the next 10 years should be a breeze!

      So good to hear from you little munchies!!

      Ron & Sophie

  10. Sophie, you are so brave. I don't think I could get through that snow. Franklin doesn't know what snow is.


    1. Tell Franklin that the snow is beautiful but when you have to go do your business and your legs slip down under the the snow it makes it very difficult!

      Today the sun shines and we head out for the 1st time all week!


  11. SophieDoodle, Samson is soooo jealous. Here he is, with butterflies, bees, flies, and all kinds of critters that should be still asleep, sun is shining, temperature is warm, Samson is hot, still has his winter coat, poor thing. And not a snowfalke hit our canyon at 4100 feel this winter. But, still, that's too much snow for me. What will happen when it all melts? You will be a muddy mess, Sophie, that's for sure.

    Ron, thank you so much for the lovely notes and the kind comment supporting me with friendship and love.

    1. Jim was just looking at photos from his nephew who lives in Redlands. Is that far from you? The weather looks warm and dry already. There are 3 young boys who love to bike in canyons and tent there too. We love seeing their photos so much. Your world is snowless but really at this age snow is not what it's all cracked up to be (pun intended).
      Oh thanks for the thanks ~~ we wouldn't have it any other way, INGERDOODLE!

      We are off to the grocery store to stock up. Getting ready for one more BLAST of snow mixed with rain on Saturday! OYYYYY!!!

      Hugs to you all!
      Ron and Sophie

  12. Replies
    1. I agree but for now HAPPINESS IS AT ARM'S LENGTH!!

  13. Hi Y'all!

    spring fallen snow is so pretty...unless you HAVE to go!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. Replies
    1. SNOWBANKS ~ are everywhere so we have to feel short and careful!!


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