Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snoozing Time!

Time for a spring Snooze, folks!

Daddy's laptop is snoozing too,
at the FixMePleasePlace!

So I'm catching up on all those
that Doodle Dogs need
when the laptop comes home!

See you soon Mr.Laptop!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buzzin' Bees!

This day was sunny and the garden was full,
literally amass, of bees.
I kept my eyes on them with trepidation.

These female bees
are hard at work
gathering pollen for the hive.

Head's up everyone ~~~
Here comes a very industrious gatherer!

This one is tucked away
inside this hellebore
almost like camouflage
for the stamens 
and the bee are so very similar in colour.

Bobbing away on this small epimedium blossom,
you can see the pollen attached to the hind quarters
(pale orange/yellow just by the black body)

I stood there staring at this girl.

She just centered herself in the upside down blossom
and harvested all the pollen.

Off to the azalea blossoms,
so many!

Even other insects were joining in on the bonanza!

I feel much better about bees and creepy crawlies.
Ron just sits or stands quietly with Mr. Camera.
Sometimes I think he's a wee bit cuckoo!
All this excitement over these small fellers
when he could be playing 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


the color
has always caught my Dad's eye.

In nature the colour
seems to be everywhere this spring.

While I am vigilant with the safety of Mr. Orangie ~~~

all around the spring colours are emerging

and I for one am so very happy and content

even if it's a rainy Maritime day along the canal.

You see chartreuse has been painted all across the landscape
and it is just as colourful
as the autumn reds and oranges
I do believe the colour is so much more pronounced
because of the grey skies.

Monday, May 20, 2013

15 Years, but Not Forgotten!

This is a day of remembrance for Ron.
I helped him with this very long post
because I know when a helping paw and 
a warm pressie of my nose is needed.
It's been 15 years since Ron's Mom passed
and even though I never knew her 
I feel like I do.
Her birthday would have been today ~~ 92!

Tommy had a smile for everyone!

Gordon and she had a fairy tale romance
but an unfortunate airplane crash
while he was readying for the Korean War
shortened their joy.

Dancing was their favourite pass time
 at the officer's mess
or on a local dance floor
they could be found really enjoying the music and each other.

This is a photo album of fond memories which you will see below.
Take your time or just skim through,
you'll get a feeling of love, joy and laughter
which was always present when she was around.

psst ~~ that is Jessie with Jim, Tommy and Ron above.
She was my 'before me' doggy!!
Hi Jessie!

Pink apple blossoms were
everywhere in their world
Pink was Tommy's favourite colour!

Tommy loved gardening with Jessie by her side.

Along the beach near my house one evening at sunset.

See what I mean about a SMILE!!

In our garden in 1995, smiling Tommy and Ron.

She really was wonderful lady with many, many friends!

She helped Ron with his garden whenever she visited.

Tommy visited San Diego a few times with her dear friends Myrtle, Vic and Annie, below.

This is Ron's Grandmother, Jessie
Tommy's Mom
 my 'before me' doggy's name sake!
Human Jessie loved to laugh too.

Ron and Tommy at Lawrencetown Beach before it was cool to surf.

Jim and Ron took Tommy on day trips in the province many times.

On the dunes at Lawrencetown Beach

Tommy at  a friend's birthday party.
Always having a great time.

Jessie and Tommy loved to go for walks
and the temperature didn't matter.

Tommy always borrowed Ron's huge shirts when visiting,
looking mighty stylish no matter where we walked.

They had a bond like any Mother and son who deeply cared for each other
through thick or thin.

This was Victoria Day weekend 1996
(the same time as it is now
only 17 years ago)

It's Tommy's birthday weekend too!
Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Tommy was very proud of her clematis'
She had many, just like Ron does.

 Rememeber the picture (#4 above) 
Gordon and Tommy dancing above?
Well, the dancing gene was passed on to Ron too!
Check out the fun they are having,
she's actually leading Ron!

Tommy lived alone most of  her life and never remarried.
She truly loved Gordon and no one came along and
swept her off her feet.
She had 2 boys to raise along with her Mom,
so life's course was set out before her.

In the fall after a bit of a wind blowing the leaves everywhere

On a favourite beach called Black Hole 
along the Bay of Fundy.
They visited there for decades.

This beautiful spring May morning in 1996
was a very special morning
even with the future a bit uncertain.

Jim and Ron took Tommy to Bermuda
for Xmas 1994.
Did they have a good time or what!

Tommy was a very smart lady.
She welcomed Jim into our family
with open arms.
She loved talking to him about
anything and everything
and she most certainly did!
They had the best relationship
and Jim was like a 3rd son to her.

So I hope you get a better sense of my Dads through Tommy.
Outgoing, laughing, sincere, passionate, outdoor lovers and 
looking for a good time ~~ LOL!

In Loving Memory of  Tommy Troke 1921 - 1998

The strength and calm power of this song seemed appropriate at this time!

*So blessed to have you in my life*

WESTLIFE - I'll See You Again!