Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birch Cove ~~~ Pt 2

To continue with my surprise for you and me!!
As you can see we are very 'health' conscientious here!
Mr. Orangie is not going to get away, either!

Shallow ~~ Calm ~~ Serene = SMILES!!!

no matter what angle Ron takes a picture of me

such a treat after crashing ocean waves
I can work on my stroke improvement now
~~~ Dog Paddle ~~~

Look who is on shore when I return
Mim and Maggie
Jack Pot!

While I swim out for Mr. O
Riley GoldenDoodle (left) and rescue dog (right)
tease each other

Maggie and Rescue Dog loved the water just like me
Riley held back ~~ 'toes only wet' motto!

You will notice 
Maggie has MY ~~ Mr. Orangie
~~~sharing again~~~

Riley was always ready to pounce as we exited the water!
Check out the 'beware' looks on our faces.

Jim squeezed the H20 out of

attracting all the pooches nearby.
Quick Story: Do you see the feller in the water on the left with 2 balls in his mouth!?
Well, his routine is to fetch both balls,
only after the 2nd ball is thrown far out in the lake.
He holds onto one ball in his jaw and noses the 2nd ball into shore.
Upon reaching shore grabs both balls
into his mouth and proceeds to prevent anyone from having them.
This is what he does every time.
I guess we all have our OCD moments!

After all that excitement ~~~

We head down the shore Jim tosses Mr. O into the water again,
speaking of OCD!

You would think I had enough!


Not even close!

Come back for More!
You know you want to!!