Thursday, May 9, 2013

YEAR # THREE ~~ Season Finale !!!

Life moves along at an ambling pace
in my Doodle World,
as witnessed by my adventure over these rocks
towards this pristine, aqua/turquoise/teal water.

I really love my World, just in case you had no idea!

With that I'm heading straight into that water.
A girl has to have a refreshing dip 
every once in awhile,
after clambering over these rocks for the last while.

This mini-cove was hidden behind the large outcrop of rocks
that we had be climbing on in the last 2 posts!
Sophie swims and seaglass is spotted! 

This is the end of my 3rd Year of Blogging for you, folks!
Much has happened over these days and
 I can only hope
you have gained a wee bit of enjoyment 
following me with my 2 Dads.

Life is relaxing, somewhat structured and an outdoors experience each and every day.

I know we love sharing, not to mention Mr. Orangie does too!
So if you haven't joined my world yet,
go ahead click the follower's link.
Heck start your own blog 
and tell us about your world,
nothing can be lost 
only gained
when everyone is having a great time.

Excuse me ~~~ see below!

I'm flying!

Next time!