Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Time Greens ~~ Soft and Muted!

This morning our steps had a new spring to them and 
the air had a new fragrance!

Discovering off the path delights
seemed imminent today!

Jim has his eye on something,
should I investigate with him?

Without a doubt ~~~ YES!!

Water, a brooklet, a mini-stream so still.
This needs christening!

 Aaahh that feels better!
The water refreshes me and 
prepares me for my daily constitution!

Follow the brook,
almost like dancing on the living floor!
I love it!

Hurry Jim!
I smell something very familiar.

Just down this slope,
I have Doodle radar
I know exactly what it is!

Doggies, Puppies, my furryends!

Many, many 4 leggers ~~ they are everywhere today!

I'm super invigorated now
my furryends are such a cool bunch
here at the park.
This song by Jesse Cook
exemplifies my excitement.
Have a listen!

That's right  < click and see