Saturday, March 31, 2012

Straight up OR on the Rocks!

My rain barrel is ready for me!
A wee bit early this year 
but at least I can quench my thirst
whenever I want!

 but what is this huge coin shaped white disc wedged into the opening?

 Let's get my trusty tongue into this discovery....

 It really seems to be in there for good...

 I thought I saw myself in there...if you cross your eyes...there!

I do know that whatever it is
I likes it "straight up"
because I can lick it
I like it "on the rocks"
because it cools me off
after a good run at the beach!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I thought I saw a Poodle next to us!

I have just jumped back into the car after a walk around the park
with Daddy Jim.

He walks around the car to open the other door to put
my leash on the floor.

As he opens the door...
he says
"Gees, I thought that was a Poodle next to here,
I did!
I just saw the hair!"

It's a quick moment in my life, so quick you have to
turn up the volume
watch so very carefully 
at the end of the video.

You may want to play it again
to get the full impact.

Seriously....if Daddy Jim says so,
then it must be true!

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sophie eats her SNOW!

Just like being in a fog...
the snow arrives
letting us know
that we shouldn't take
this summer feeling
too seriously...!

It's still only March
in Nova Scotia
that having patience
makes you
a stronger puppy!

with its bright
refreshing days,
is just around the corner
just you wait and see!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Showers!

As you can see  in the top right hand corner
of my desktop screen capture,
the temperature has dropped,
even dipped below zero C (32 F)
which means
~~~bye bye Miss American Pie~~~
(^click ^)
I digress
bye bye sweet summer winds!

The spikey snowflakes cover the emerging red blooms of the Pieris shrub.
This is one of my Dad Jim's favourite shrubs too,
many of them dot the garden.

 Just last week we were strolling through the park
along side my favourite spring runoff brook...

when I ran into this mother of  a boxer
carrying a stick big enough
to knock us all off our feet...

Ron was busy collecting chickadees!
This little winged feller and a few more flitted about us
looking for seeds or nuts....they aren't fussy!

So when Mr. Boxer scurried off, I watched Ron carefully because you know
what chickadees are like...they can cause
a major raucous and disturb the peaceful surroundings...
like that would ever happen.

You caught me dreaming of last week when life
was warmer and Mother Nature was being kind.
As I lay here on my Baby, I hope this finds you in
a warm world~~~one of
I trust that I have and if I haven't
take a moment and smell the roses
or coffee or toast....mmmmm!
Feel better now?!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Snoozing with the Croci

The spring bulbs started popping through
the ground with the summer temperatures
rising so high last week.

So I decided that a snooze in the garden was what I needed
before all the nasty biting bugs woke up.

The heathers and daphnes awoke as well.
Colour is finally coming back to our little paradise.


excuse me
my beauty sleep is  'a callin' me!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Satiated Fully!

Oh...Hi...once again!
Sheer enjoyment was all that I could feel today!

 The tide was out (very low) and so I had this end of the beach all to myself.

 Mr. BlueWhistleBall practice was in full swing....

 and I met this little feller and what JOY!

 Mr. BlueWhistleBall triggered my digging hole frenzy (surprise)...

 so I obliged!

 With a quick whip down the beach 

 and a splash to cool off and to wash off 
Mr. BlueWhistleBall,

I was more than satisfied with my adventure and much needed run.
After the hot weather of the passed few days,
 reaching 30C (86F).....
It was not a good idea
to overdo it,
besides I couldn't move even if I tried!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Full Moon

With the 30C(86F) weather 
we've had the passed couple days
all of us were trying to figure out
what has caused this phenomenon.

El Nino
La Nina
Global warming
Being a Good Doggy
maybe just 
~~~ the Full Moon ~~~

I don't know but the Full Moon 
looked like it had a second ghost moon
following it around that night 
on March the 8th.

I have my suspicions!
Do you have yours?

The spring bulbs were fooled into
showing their beauty.
I know this is making the guys happy
and rightly it should.

Thanks again Mother Nature
for this unexpected
burst of bloom and pleasure!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More like Summer!

 I live in Nova Scotia!
~~~1/2 way between the North Pole and the Equator~~~
along the western side of North Atlantic.

It's the first week of Spring 
the temps waver 
up and down 
around 4C(39F)

Weather wise...Snow...Crispy...Cool, not Cold...just Bearable!

 So this is the way that I'm used to my world at this time of year.

 Well, this year is very different!
This year the temps are way out of whack!

 24 degrees Celsius (75F) today,
so I went swimming tonight with Mr. Orangie
(because he floats)!

 Sunset was really outta this world!

no matter from what direction 

and with this view and the warm winds
blowing on us.....

it really felt like summer....
Is this another Mother Nature tease?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More than just Spring!

  Hi Everyone!
I really wanted you to know that 
March 20 is the 1st day of Spring!

 What?! You already knew that!

Well, I bet you didn't know this!

That March 20th is 
my guys' 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

I think they are mighty happy they decided to do this!
I know I am!
Actually 39 years,
this summer...!
So I suspect there will be another celebration.
Get ready!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ball...Where's My Ball?

(Sophie in Wonderland...finale)

You see Mr. BlueWhistleBall....
after digging that huge hole and 
checking out the kite surfers,
I naturally figured it was time to wash it off 
 and get cooled off at the same time.

Why you ask?

does not FLOAT!

I dug "until the cows came home"...seriously.

The river gobbled up my ball
and dragged it down into the big ocean.

I, for some reason, thought
just maybe Mr. BlueWhistleBall ended up on the dunes,
so I checked!

....even the grasses proved to be ballless!

I tore back for one more look
...I guess...
I just wasn't getting it!

This guy couldn't even help me....
Mr. BlueWhistleBall was probably underneath him!

Oh well, I'll try to understand what just happened here
as I head home.

At least, I had a great time at the beach
and Mr. BlueWhistleBall may be floating
with the mermaids but
looks who's lurking near my foot
at home in the grass!