Friday, March 16, 2012

Squeeky Chicken & Marshall

If and only if you have 4 minutes to spare....
I would like to show you Marshall.

He is 2 years old and really likes to play.
We romped and chased each other on the soccer field
at Fort Needham
in the north end of Halifax.

Only thing is... the field is starting to thaw
from the winter freezing.
Now should that bother us...
I think not!

During our chase while I have Marshall's Squeeky Chicken
and he has my new blue ball,
the chimes sound for 12 noon.

This would have been OK,
it's just that it's 1 o'clock and the powers that be
hadn't changed the time from 
the recent time change.

Oh well...come on Marshall
let's go get a drink!
I have worked up a thirst....You?