Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ball...Where's My Ball?

(Sophie in Wonderland...finale)

You see Mr. BlueWhistleBall....
after digging that huge hole and 
checking out the kite surfers,
I naturally figured it was time to wash it off 
 and get cooled off at the same time.

Why you ask?

does not FLOAT!

I dug "until the cows came home"...seriously.

The river gobbled up my ball
and dragged it down into the big ocean.

I, for some reason, thought
just maybe Mr. BlueWhistleBall ended up on the dunes,
so I checked!

....even the grasses proved to be ballless!

I tore back for one more look
...I guess...
I just wasn't getting it!

This guy couldn't even help me....
Mr. BlueWhistleBall was probably underneath him!

Oh well, I'll try to understand what just happened here
as I head home.

At least, I had a great time at the beach
and Mr. BlueWhistleBall may be floating
with the mermaids but
looks who's lurking near my foot
at home in the grass!