Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buzzin' Bees!

This day was sunny and the garden was full,
literally amass, of bees.
I kept my eyes on them with trepidation.

These female bees
are hard at work
gathering pollen for the hive.

Head's up everyone ~~~
Here comes a very industrious gatherer!

This one is tucked away
inside this hellebore
almost like camouflage
for the stamens 
and the bee are so very similar in colour.

Bobbing away on this small epimedium blossom,
you can see the pollen attached to the hind quarters
(pale orange/yellow just by the black body)

I stood there staring at this girl.

She just centered herself in the upside down blossom
and harvested all the pollen.

Off to the azalea blossoms,
so many!

Even other insects were joining in on the bonanza!

I feel much better about bees and creepy crawlies.
Ron just sits or stands quietly with Mr. Camera.
Sometimes I think he's a wee bit cuckoo!
All this excitement over these small fellers
when he could be playing