Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's in the Air!

 Since the weather has been so kind to us lately,
Dad thought we should steer clear of the wintery message
and make a new header that was less white and more colourful.

This is what I'm staring at as we arrived at the hill tonight.

 I still was very much interested in Mr. Bionic
and all it takes is a good throw!

 Some people say my middle name is Licker,
but I think it's Speed,
up the hill and

 down the hill,

 digging feverishly for the orb to pop up from the grass...

and when it's making me spin uncontrollably as the ball flips into the air.

Meeting Ellie on top of the hill was a bonus,

 because we charged up and down the hill after her big stick.
Notice who has Mr. Stick...ha ha ha!

Just wanted you to know that I had a blast on the hill this evening
and they say winter is coming,
but knock on wood
maybe we'll have a mild one this year
like we did a few years back...fingers crossed.

Friday, January 27, 2012

My "Joie de Vivre"

As you can see I am easily excited...(understatement)

...and in this particular moment,
my exuberance 
is evident
because of
the fresh cold air,
bright sunshiny view,

this 30 sec. beat!
Yes, it explains my
"joie de vivre"

I really love going to this hill.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Sniffer Really Works!

 There are times when my sniffer is in complete charge of me.

 I could be walking along with the guys and I feel this urge...
my head makes a 90 degree turn
and like a bullet I go.

I sniffed out this Black Labrador, in the park.

 Can you find us in this picture?

 To divert my attention from these distractions,
Jim would keep me busy chasing Mr. Bionic
and I am very happy to oblige.

 After romping with Indy and fetching Mr. Bionic numerous times,
my sniffer had me, 
 off the path
into the scrub brush looking for anything!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sophie..The Guinea Pig?

My Dad has quickly gone into editing mode
with the new updated Picasa 3.9....!
So to keep him happy,
I'm the guinea pig,
I have to stand still
or stand in a particular place
or stick out my tongue
or look at him
or just be me!
I think I can manage all that!

This is an edited (boost option) picture of me looking out into cold, cold waters, we had just yesterday.

 Same picture altered using the neon option...
There are so many things you can create, 
actually the choices are as great as your imagination.

 Now this "tongue..sticky outty" picture 
is slightly punched with  the boost option...

then overdone (Dad thinks) with the double border
and lomo-ish options.
Still cute I am...
but a wee bit 

PS..the latest header has been created through the new system
using a fairly simple picture
overlaid with a water droplet texture.
With the enormous temperature change in the passed couple of days,
the cold snow has turned to rain,
so the new header seems fitting.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Waiting Patiently for Jim

Hi Folks!
This is me standing patiently
by the side window
facing the veterinarian's building.

Every Friday night
my Daddy Jim
goes to his father's house
to stay over night
since Pop's is 95 years old.

Everyone in the family
thinks that it's a good idea
for someone to stay with
Pops throughout the night
to keep him company.

So when Saturday morning arrives
I always wait by this window
to make sure my Daddy
gets home safely.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sheer Bliss!

 To make up for the miserable, wet weather we endured all day Friday...

and even thought the temps dipped "way" below zero,
we ventured to the beach for our daily walk today...

I love teasing Ron whenever I have the chance...
'cause he is so easy,
so I told Jim to say "Hi" to him for me...
Do you think he figured it out?

 I had the whole beach to myself....
Who is fool hearty enough to step on the sands 
with minus 11 celsius (-18 windchill)
well...we are!

See what a great time I had!
I know the guys were grumbling,
'cause I could hear..
"oh my hands are so cold"

 Really doesn't matter to me what the weather is like...
I'll jump at the chance to run in the wind and soak up the rays(lol).

 You can definitely see that our beach has been winterized
with the foot/paw steps in the snow.
Six months from now you'll see bare foot/paw prints in the sand.
Countdown has definitely started!

 Come on Ron...
you are always the last one to get in the car!

 He'll take a picture of anything it seems...
even his head with a wooden pylon sticking out of it.

 At least Jim knows that staying out in this coldness
is just to excruciating.
PS:....I didn't tell you I dunked myself in the water...
A girl needs to cool off every once in awhile!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Snow and Icy Roads!

 I think most of you know I live in Canada 
and that it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere.
It's late January so....

 Today we had to go to our Natural Therapy Clinic for two appointments...
(not for me though, you'll see my Oct. session if you click on the above link)

 which meant spending some time on the road which was 
no problem on the trek to the clinic however...

 on the way home we got dumped on.....

 It could have been worse but we drove along at a reasonable rate for icy roads...

and all I could think of was how much fun I was going to have as soon as we got home!

 These pictures were taken along a stretch of this picturesque road 
we so enjoy riding on after going to this clinic.

 The road is narrow with the homes either just up the grade on the left or 
wedged on a small piece of land on the right with water frontage.

 There is open expanse in some locations interspersed with homes and a park system.

This area has a few trails for walking and we went on them a few times.(check the link out)

I truly love the winter and once I get out of the car,
I'm "head over heals" diving for my snow covered sticks.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Return of Sidney

 Do you remember Tuesday this week, I met a new friend Sidney!? 
Well, look at this coinky-dinky!
We were walking around the point at the park yesterday and 
from out of nowhere there was Sidney standing
waiting for me to play.

 OVER-JOYED was putting it mildly!
We clicked into our doodle dance and
proceeded to tear around 
until I was exhausted.

 Sidney's Mom, Robyn was happy to see us because she knew Sidney would sleep tonight,
just like me.

You see, we display a wide variety of our doodle antics.
We understand what we need from each other and
we go for it.
Some peeps don't understand our enthusiasm and exuberance and stay clear of us.

Oh well, they just need more exposure to our style,
that's what I keep telling Ron and Jim.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still Zzzzzzzzing!

 Yesterday was a double whammy treat fest...
Firstly, I enjoyed two in the morning and another in the late afternoon.

  and since my Daddies had to go to a funeral and so to accommodate me...

 they had 2 options:
1. Sophie stays in the car while the service was conducted
2. Sophie keeps Jim's 95 year old father company!

 No. 2 choice won out naturally 
and so I entertained 
was entertained
receiving graciously 
any and all treats
tossed my way.

Having this much fun
taking care of Pops
enduring 2 walks
takes a lot out of a girl!
Thus a major snooze fest.