Monday, January 9, 2012

Mocha meets me at the beach

Jim is reassuring me that Mocha and I are going to have a great time at the beach today!

~~~for those of you who requested...needed some more ocean wave sounds...take it in~~~

 She brought her own ball...a yellow the action was non-stop.

Look up...Look way up....! 

 Someone is going to catch "their" orange ball!

 Mocha and I are very well matched....

 so with this age gap of 4.5 years it allows me to do some teaching 
and Mocha is very receptive.

One smart cookie I have on my hands.
Mocha really is a sweetheart and will do just fine.


  1. Oh, so many more beautiful images, sigh, :) So crisp... I love the picture where the two dogs are silouhetted and the sky is reflected on the beach. Thanks.

  2. Sophie,you just have the best life! Loving family,every day a beach adventure and lots of friends!

  3. I know all about wet suits. But that water is still cold. I saw Titanic.

  4. I like the second-last photo with the silhouetted dogs against the shiny beach.

  5. The best of the best! A good furiend to run with and balls to chase. What could be better?

    We love your blog and decided you were a perfect choice, Sophie, for the Collies of the Meadow award. Stop by and pick it up!

    Your blogpal, Sage

  6. I thought Mocha was a boy for some reason. I know you have a lot of things to teach her and she's lucky to have you for a friend and playmate.

  7. Sophie, you are an excellent mentor!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. What a beautiful duo Sophie and Mocha that beach and the waves...sighs from the landlocked Beckyworld!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  9. Wet suit or not you wouldn`t get me in that water ! loved the video - lovely to see Sophie having such a fantastic time x

  10. What a fantastic outing, waves, ball, sand, water and a friend.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We love those big rocks in the first picture.

  11. What fun you have Sophie! Very beautiful pictures your Dads take.

  12. We are just loving the sound of the surf, Sophie! Thank you, thank you!
    You and Mocha are having a blast!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. What a pretty day out, looks like it could be summer there but I bet it doesn't feel like it.
    You and Mocha look very happy running and playing ball on the beach, as usual you made us smile with pleasure!

  14. It was so nice to hear the ocean. You have a great life, Sophie.

  15. What a perfect life, a great friend, and a papa to take such beautiful photos. You are a fortunate girl, Sophie.

  16. So beautiful! Love the reflections. Mocha and Sophie make great play partners.

  17. Ahhh the ocean sounds :) Makes me SMILE! Looks like you and Mocha had a blast, Soph! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie, Nugg & Osc

  18. Your day at the beach was sooo beautiful!
    And those rocks! The most gorgeous rocks I ever did see!

  19. Hi Sophie it's Daddy doing a test!


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