Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sheer Bliss!

 To make up for the miserable, wet weather we endured all day Friday...

and even thought the temps dipped "way" below zero,
we ventured to the beach for our daily walk today...

I love teasing Ron whenever I have the chance...
'cause he is so easy,
so I told Jim to say "Hi" to him for me...
Do you think he figured it out?

 I had the whole beach to myself....
Who is fool hearty enough to step on the sands 
with minus 11 celsius (-18 windchill)
well...we are!

See what a great time I had!
I know the guys were grumbling,
'cause I could hear..
"oh my hands are so cold"

 Really doesn't matter to me what the weather is like...
I'll jump at the chance to run in the wind and soak up the rays(lol).

 You can definitely see that our beach has been winterized
with the foot/paw steps in the snow.
Six months from now you'll see bare foot/paw prints in the sand.
Countdown has definitely started!

 Come on Ron...
you are always the last one to get in the car!

 He'll take a picture of anything it seems...
even his head with a wooden pylon sticking out of it.

 At least Jim knows that staying out in this coldness
is just to excruciating.
PS:....I didn't tell you I dunked myself in the water...
A girl needs to cool off every once in awhile!