Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey Folks!
Everywhere you look today
you'll see a
to my blog.

Even looking out the window as the rain pours down


I hope you take the time to investigate my page...
just CLICK on the word
on the left-hand side of the page.

A dropdown list will appear...
choose another style
you'll see a variety of ways
to watch me.
you can see all
of my previous posts
much more quickly.
So start sniffin' through my new look

PS...more to come too!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scary, very Scary!

 This is mighty scary...

 What in the world is that?

 Looking kinda familiar!

The blond hi-lites always give me away it seems!

Can't a girl just sit in the back seat of the car
and have some peace and quiet
on Halloween weekend!
Some paparazzo think it's OK to constantly
invade other's territory and snap pictures.
I guess that's how they get their name.
So is this the life of the "puppy"razzo?
Can be so scary having that big camera eye
staring at you all the time!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Satisfaction in the 1st Degree!

My sniffer is pretty good,
if you hadn't noticed.

 When I have something on my  mind...

 I search the garden in all the most logical places....

 particularly in and near the wine barrels....

 high up at the tippy, tippy top....

 low down at the perfect sniffer nose level...

1/2 way up,
just out of reach

 I find my favourite scarlet runner beans,
waiting for some munching time.

Satisfaction in the 1st degee!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mocha "LocaMotion" onto the beach!

Over the dunes we go
...with a vigorous toss of the ball in the air....

 Mocha and I chase down our bouncy friend.

 Snug in my jaw...I headed to the water with Mocha in tail.

 Persistence is a virtue,
I must say.

 This day with the sun shining and the tide low
is turning out to be one heck of a fine jaunt.

 The adults seem to want to talk,
so come on Mocha follow me.

 This is one of my favourite dunking pools 

 Still chatting,
maybe we should check out these fellers below.

 ...Lots of sniffing and eyeballing each other...

This is Bear...who wanted a photo to be taken
and so Dad obliged.

Bear is a 
~~Maltese/Yorky mix~~

~~come here~~
We got the ball
you know you want to play!

I now know what you wee, spunky ones are all about.

Shout out to Tootie!

My cutie Patootie in Oklahoma!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mocha "LocaMotion"!

Oh my Dogginess!
Look who showed up
the beach today.
Come on follow me!

Here we go
I'll show you next time
what is over this dune.
I'm so excited!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Time for Laugh!

Sophie really has a sense of humour,
so she picked out these fine messages
for you all to enjoy.
Aaarfff Aaaarrfff!


PS.....My ear is all better, no more head flicks or ear scratching.
No wonder I want to laugh!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ear Infection & Energy Treatment!

 I look very focused
almost in a trance,
don't you think!

 So does Ron....
so with my ear infection reoccurring too often,
my Dads thought
they would take me to see Terry
Mother Nature's Natural Therapy Clinic.

I have heard so much about her over my short life.
So I trusted my guys when they said we were going for a visit
so that Terry could use her "special powers"
to rid my body and system of this infection
using an alternative method.

All I did was sit
between Terry and Ron
while Ron touched me,
Terry held Ron's arm
and Terry touched me.

She has a very gentle 
touch and manner,
so I calmed down
very quickly.

Ron rubbed my chest
the process
which I am quite 
partial to.

Here I am hiding under their hands~~~ 
while they work on unblocking energy meridians
which may be contributing to this infection.

You'll see Terry is holding a small plastic baggy
with a swab of my ear wax.
~~~The circle of connection is complete
and the process is whole
with the focus on my ear infection~~~

My Dads have had amazing results with this technique...

from reduction of asthma re-occurrence, anxiety, concussion symptoms, chronic sinus condition
to help in managing environmental sensitivities!

With the relief they experienced from Terry's sessions,
it only seemed natural for me to go.
Beside, a huge Newfoundlander dog was there
seeing her the night before
for the very same reason
that I was experiencing!

The treatment was very short
approximately 1/2 hour.
I made sure I sniffed everything in the room
Dolly below...

She helps people to understand the system of energy flow
that exists between all living beings.
~~~When we all connected by holding hands Dolly sang her song...
just like the grade school science class experiment for
energy circuits~~~

I think I liked going to visit Terry and now I'm going home to sleep.
I'm a wee bit fatigued and besides meeting new peeps
tires my licker!