Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hurricane Season is Only 1/2 Over!

 Hurricane Irene (1)
Hurricane Irene (2)
 Hurricane Katia (1)
Hurricane Katia (2)
 Hurricane Maria (1)
Hurricane Maria (2)
 Hurricane Ophelia (1)
Hurricane Ophelia (2)

Yes, the hurricane season has been blowing through leaving us 
with absolutely beautiful wave action and scenery,
 again and again

I love this wild life
Mother Nature 
offers us
every year.

However, tonight we are going to
experience the beginning of a nor'easter, a weather bomb.
The rain will explode on us very soon.

We are hunkering down with fingers crossed
that we don't have any basement leaks.
We haven't had one since 1996 when
Hurricane Hortense blew through.

Here goes.....!