Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Steps!

 Hey Ho!
It's Sophie here!
(Gees Jim, you better not stand around that cannon too long!)

 Hey Sophie!
Where you goin', gurl?
(Oh just over out for that cannon!)

 I thought,
I'd do 
the 2 step 
down these steps!
and besides...I just don't trust cannons!

Thanks to 
The George and Tess Adventures

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Major Rain & Wind Storm

It's me standing in the middle
of the backyard during
a rain and wind storm

 The snowball bush is now
all over the ground
...see all the white petals
with Miss Sophie Marple investigating.

 The magnolia looks fresh and green
and I just know there's
something under the vegetation
that just shouldn't be there least that's what I think!

can make things looks
a bit drab....

but this Allium Nectaroscordum
just glows with all the wetness
and moody background.

I hope you enjoyed my damp trek
through the yard....
I guess Tropical Storm Debby
is off the coast now.

She can stay out there if she doesn't mind!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dealing with Life

Sometimes we all just have to go with the flow
and handle what we have been dealt
the best way we know how.

 Zeroing in on a problem
that pulls at us and ties us up
can be exhausting 
if not crippling.

 Getting close to the answer
and snatching the truth
with all your strength
and energy...

 is my position, right now,
as Daddy Jim deals with
his father's agedness.

 I will keep close to him
no matter what happens...

and no matter
where we are on this beach of life.

Visit Daddy Jim
I know he'd appreciate it!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Daze

 As I meander through my garden
I see the iris looking like the 
fleur de lys

 this iris hasn't totally bloomed and
needs some straigthening,
at least it's close for me to sniff.

 the white violets so intrigue me
as they do every year

 ajuga standing stalwart

 one lonely buttercup
don't tell Jim
he'll pull it out!

 pale pink Oriental poppy caught my attention

 the swath of forget-me-knots are all but gone now
 putting on an enormous show

 I lose myself in our Georgian blue veronica.
It's so very easy to do.

Dandelions just give me a zing and a kick.

but most of all
I enjoying sprawling in the grass
on a hot summer's day.
Inhale the sweet smell of fresh grass
slip off to dreamland
for a few Zzzzzzz's

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Morning Fog Clarity

The morning can be somewhat hazy or foggy
all around you and within you too.

My first inclination is to sniff and
pretty much any spot will attract me.

 Come on Ron!
Up and Over
There aren't that many steps!

Slow, methodical steps 
as he places one foot in front of the other.

 Down the steps leading to the beach
always careful

 A few minor adjustments
a flick here
a click there...

There now


he is in capturing mode.

Can't you just imagine 
the waves rolling in 
slowly and methodically,
just like we were as 
we arrived for our 
morning de-clutter.

PS...major thanks to Daddy Jim 
for the candids!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooling Off 101

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere
which means "beach" becomes my second name...

~~~Sophie Beach Doodle~~~

Speed and agility
with a swift kick
a perfect nailing
Mr. Orangie!

Depending upon the time of day
and whether the tide is in or out...

secret pools of warm water 
can be found as we make our way
down the beach.

Nose dives...
or in this case 
floppy ear swan dive...

as I plunk myself into the wetness
to cool off my belly
to clean 
Mr. Orangie...

check out the warm water streaming off
the ball along with all that sand...

This is one of my favourite times
when all you hear are a few seagulls,
some burbling clams under the sand,
the gentle flow of the receding waters.

and with luck I will always
have a pool to rinse off in and
return for another dunking
when Mr. Orangie
is shot into the air
with a bull's eye kick.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pee U...Phew!

Hey Folks~~~!
This is my sniffer
ready for any kind of action,
any time!

Huh...what was that?

 As far as I know
everyone has a hind end...

 Fragrance, aroma, scent...

 dooda, dooda

 perfume, bouquet, smell...

aah haa...
it's that ol' bachelor button
tickling my tail,

and I thought 
I tooted
or maybe a seeper
who me...!?


Monday, June 18, 2012

at the Beach...Who got Wet...!!!

Needing and taking 
a break in the middle
of any stressful situation
is always a good way
to revitalize and 
put most things
into perspective....!

I knew the guys needed just this beach moment
to laugh and let the worries
fade away.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden is Bursting!

 Apparently my garden is just over 20 years old....

 and the youngest plant Magnolia Sieboldii 
is blooming profusely...

 this moth is devouring these chive blooms...

 and the Jack in the Pulpit approves of its new home moved just recently.

 Columbines grace most people gardens and
this blue one delicately hangs waiting for a bee....

 here comes a bee
would you look at that...
how timely!

 This dogwood, Cornus Florida, is completely covered and should look
so very white soon.

 Ron loves clematis and this one called Moonlight
is aptly named because at night
the blooms are so visible...
especially with a full moon. 

 Guernsey Cream from the underside...
I sniffed this one and it's passes my test...
love it!

 Japanese Painted ferns are spreading after many years...
great colour combinations with the maroon and grey.

The Wisteria is so very happy this year...
many blossoms because of a moderate spring.

Oh Hi..I'm standing under the wisteria arbour,
night time is approaching
so I think I'll head in and pull up the covers.

Next time~~~!