Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooling Off 101

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere
which means "beach" becomes my second name...

~~~Sophie Beach Doodle~~~

Speed and agility
with a swift kick
a perfect nailing
Mr. Orangie!

Depending upon the time of day
and whether the tide is in or out...

secret pools of warm water 
can be found as we make our way
down the beach.

Nose dives...
or in this case 
floppy ear swan dive...

as I plunk myself into the wetness
to cool off my belly
to clean 
Mr. Orangie...

check out the warm water streaming off
the ball along with all that sand...

This is one of my favourite times
when all you hear are a few seagulls,
some burbling clams under the sand,
the gentle flow of the receding waters.

and with luck I will always
have a pool to rinse off in and
return for another dunking
when Mr. Orangie
is shot into the air
with a bull's eye kick.