Friday, December 30, 2011

Boardwalk with Sophie

(This video is not the best quality, still learning the intricacies of editing.
The sound needs attention so beware of the loud wind.
One thing you'll understand is how cold it was and that Sophie enjoyed every minute of it.)

Living on the edge of the North Atlantic 
far from the effects of the Gulf Stream
we sometimes endure unfathomable extremes of weather
 battering our coastline.

 We do not complain too much because that would be wasted energy.
 One minute it is sunny, the next it's pouring rain
and that is just before lunch...

 however there is  one great thing that I can share with you
which everyone can appreciate....

 and that I hope with all my might...

that everyone that I have met
in blogland
has a
New Year
and that 
will bring you

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Doggy Appreciation Night!

 Jim, Ron and I were invited to Ron's cousin Anita's house
on Tuesday. I tried to be on my best behaviour because my over exuberance
can stress some people and I certainly don't mean to uspet anyone.
Ally and Anita couldn't keep their hands off me....SMILES!

Trivial Pursuit(Canadian Edition) was a blast as usual... see the cherub(symbolically that's me)...
just look at those eyes and I definitely am a sweetheart
Roll again...kinda/sorta...that's me making friends as usual...rolling from one hand to another.

 I truly think I'm in love with Carolyn, Anita's youngest. 
Her glasses match my fur so we are definitely
kindred spirits. 

Carolyn flew home last week from Southampton, U.K.
She's a smarty pants taking her PhD for the next three years.
I have to get all my lovin's in because I might not see her again until next Xmas.

 Anita told me that she looking for a new doggy.
How exciting is that!
The chances of a new friend is just too much for me.
I could teach my new cousin some cool begging!

 I'm in a bit of a blurr with Ally petting me and Anita stroking my back.
I think I'm amongst dog people!

 Crokinole was the second game on the agenda.
As you can see Anita can't let me go.

 Jim's turn to flick the piece off the board and score a big one.

 This the first time playing this game for Jim and me.
Ron played it as a child.

The rules for this game are located a few pics back
just click on the Crokinole link.

Do you think I was successful in renewing my appreciation for Carolyn?
She's pretty cool, you know....
what human would lay down on the floor
and rub my chest?!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Mid Way between Christmas and New Year's!

Everyone needs a good laugh!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Exhausted!!

Exhaustion can creep up on you
right in the middle
of having the most fun ever!

Xmas Eve saw us in the city for grocery shopping,
a super early walk in the park
breakfast for the Dads at Saege Restaurant.

Daddy Ron noticed the lights still on in my car so he came out and 
turned them off....Psst...yes...I'm in the car...waiting!

So hungry and will take your picture if you ask kindly!

The next morning Santa dropped off a few items...

So I dove into this bag to find an edible bowtie
and my new favourite ball...
below! it's orange and has a huge hole
but it floats and apparently I can't destroy it.

The Dads got quite a few of these biscotti thingy's...
only thing is if there's chocolate in them...
I don't get anything but  a sniff.

1000 pieces of Vancouver was kinda cool,
because my Dads used to live there.
One of those cities that has everything
at its finger tips...
snow capped mountains
beaches to swim 
bike lanes up the ying yang
temperate climate
need I go on!

Daddy Jim got a big surprise!

A new macro lens!
So now he can go in further when
taking pictures of flowers or tree bark.
Needless to say he was overjoyed!

Also, a new light weight hooded jacket
from Arc'teryx(Canadian Co)...
seriously if you have a chance
or a need for this kind of
clothing consider this brand.

Daddy Ron got a new video camera.
So that means he'll be following me around 
(absolutely no privacy with him)

See, the spread...well I lay patiently and
hope for a morsel
(please may I have some more, sir)
My Dads really had a grand time this Xmas
and so did I as a matter of fact.

But as I said in the beginning
exhaustion can rear it's ugly head
and sleeping with my 2 new balls
just makes everything right!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I Dreamt of a WHITE Christmas!

 I dreamt that everywhere the world was covered in fluffy white flakes.

 I dreamt that I could leap and float through the air just like those flakeys.

I dreamt that Daddy Jim tried desperately to make a Snowman for me....

 but decided to leave that alone and make a snowball...

 snowballs just make me all hoppy and put smiles on everyone's faces...

one more for the road!

 Surprise.......My dream came true today!

We want everyone's dreams to come true 
at this time of year
for that matter
any time of the year!

All I want is for you to have 
the best Holiday ever
I hope you can get lost
in my little world
every once in awhile.

Season's Best.....MmmmWwaaahhH!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Very Same "Sid The Kid"!

 Snoozing in the backseat of the car I listen to my Dads
talk about things all the time.

 As we approach the bridge you can see the coast guard vessels in dock.
They are always moving in and out of the harbour.

 This is a cargo vessel waiting to be unloaded in Bedford Basin
the second cargo terminal in our city.
This view swoops around as you approach the bridge
and 3 lanes of traffic merging...lovely!

Jim is so used to this approach and I'm afraid
takes the bridge for granted.
Last week a 3/4 ton truck tipped over and 
bunged up traffic for hours.
Do you see that shore in the far distance?
Well, that is one of the directions 
drivers had to travel in order to get into the city.
No more taking the second of our bridges for granted, now.

Yes, just as the sign on this truck says as we zoom...zoomie over the bridge

That is the 1st of our bridges and it was swamped with traffic
during last weeks mishap.

4 lanes busy at 3pm...getting ready for the onslaught of
rush hour workers going home very soon.

Nova Scotia Power...3 stacks that pollute our air.(period)
Yes, we need power at the expense of the health
of the those in the path of the sooty smoke.
So glad to be living...outside of the city!

We use a MacPass system to zoom zoomie through the toll booths.
A small plastic transponder sits on your dash/window
which triggers your account and the deduction is made.
Daddy Ron has a $30 amount to use and when it gets
close to that amount...the bridge people up the ante again.

For those of you hockey hounds....!
Cole Harbour 
is the home of 
 on the Pittsburgh team.
Daddy Ron met him at his job 
a lot in the summers 
when Sidney
was training.
He is still the same now as he was then.
~~~Polite, well-spoken and very amicable~~~

We drive passed this everyday.

Oh...nice....we are getting close to!

You know my Dads talk so much that they
put me to sleep.
That's OK as long as I get home safely
to my cozy bed.