Friday, December 30, 2011

Boardwalk with Sophie

(This video is not the best quality, still learning the intricacies of editing.
The sound needs attention so beware of the loud wind.
One thing you'll understand is how cold it was and that Sophie enjoyed every minute of it.)

Living on the edge of the North Atlantic 
far from the effects of the Gulf Stream
we sometimes endure unfathomable extremes of weather
 battering our coastline.

 We do not complain too much because that would be wasted energy.
 One minute it is sunny, the next it's pouring rain
and that is just before lunch...

 however there is  one great thing that I can share with you
which everyone can appreciate....

 and that I hope with all my might...

that everyone that I have met
in blogland
has a
New Year
and that 
will bring you


  1. Billy Connolly always reckons there's no such thing as bad weather--just a bad wardrobe! Enjoy what you have.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Good Morning and I hope that you and yours have a wonderful year too. Now do me a favor and remove that "Private" setting from your video. I'd like to see it!

  3. Ah - peace and love to you guys too!

  4. Nice video Sophie! I enjoyed watching you in action... and walking with you to the beach (in the comfort of my living room.. where I didn't have to experience the cold and wind)
    Have a great New Year - you, Jim and Ron! (And keep your eye on that new orange ball!!)

  5. Oh Miss Sophie, I loved watching that, to see you and your Dads on the other side of the world! How amazing is that, here I am in Australia and you are sooooooo far away!

    I just adore you and I am so glad to have been a part of your life in a little way....Love Michelle xx

  6. And the same to you, Sophie, Jim & Ron!

    PS: I hope Orangie got a good workout there.

  7. BRrrrr! That made me cold just watching and listening to it. That's some stiff wind.

  8. Nice to see live pictures of your day at the beach. I was out with Tyra today on trial and it went very good. High schore this time. I´m very satisfied with her work. But she´s not so keen on to come when I want. She can hunt many hours. Today 5 hours. Happy New Year and that 2012 will bring you lots of joy.

  9. Wow, I'm cold just watching that video. It's supposed to hit 80F here (So. California)today. I think I'll just pour myself another cup of coffee and stay put. ;-)

  10. Dat wind sure would has blown me to da next town...good thing you is a big dog Sophie. Oh and you is very well trained too:)
    Sorry but all my mum was doin' was starrin' at your Dad's camera...she's a weirdo.

    Here's to da new (holdin' up my beer) year and thankful I has met ya'll through our blogs.


  11. Haven't commented on your blog in awhile, but didn't want you to think that I don't visit! I also think about you everytime I see a doggie at the beach. No one is as cute as you Sophie!! Happy New Year, may you get all the cookies and treats you've ever wanted.

  12. I'm freezing cold just watching this video.

  13. The video reminds me of our winter morning walks on the shore in Connecticut. I miss the walks. I don't miss that cold, biting wind. My ears hurt and I think I need to put on a sweater!

    Otra vez, feliz año nuevo!

  14. Wow! What a gorgeous video! You sure live in a beautiful spot, Sophie!
    Happy New Year to you and your dads!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Oh Sophie
    We wish for you the bestest year coming too... and yes peace!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us.
    We love visiting it,

  16. Sophie girl.
    Happy Happy New year.. Stay healthy, have lots and lots of walks, treats and catches with Mr. Orange Ball!
    Violet and company

  17. Now that's a wind!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year! All the best in 2012!

  18. Hi Sophie-
    I'm wishing you a wonderful New Year too! I've so enjoyed our visits these past months- getting to know your Dads and being a part of your everyday ( very lucky doggie!) life. I'm looking forward to lots more fun in this bright New Year-- I'll be here for lots of visits!!

  19. Wishing you and yours much peace and joy in 2012! Ros and Oscar

  20. It may be cold - that wind sounds fierce - but it looks beautiful! Happy New Year Sophie, Jim and Ron!

  21. hi miss Sophie...just dropping by from the blog hop...Happy New year to you...luv your pics and i agree with you that complaining doesn't do any good..every moment counts so ruff..ruff to life in 2012 - Vanilla Bean

  22. Sophie, you are filled with joy. That would make a great New Year's resolution - enjoy life like Sophie does.

    A wonderful year to you and your daddies. xxx


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