Friday, December 30, 2011

Boardwalk with Sophie

(This video is not the best quality, still learning the intricacies of editing.
The sound needs attention so beware of the loud wind.
One thing you'll understand is how cold it was and that Sophie enjoyed every minute of it.)

Living on the edge of the North Atlantic 
far from the effects of the Gulf Stream
we sometimes endure unfathomable extremes of weather
 battering our coastline.

 We do not complain too much because that would be wasted energy.
 One minute it is sunny, the next it's pouring rain
and that is just before lunch...

 however there is  one great thing that I can share with you
which everyone can appreciate....

 and that I hope with all my might...

that everyone that I have met
in blogland
has a
New Year
and that 
will bring you