Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fenny Surprises Me!

 One week before Christmas and from out of nowhere
my cousin shows up and wants to run on the hill
down by the beach.

 Fenny is here at Paula`s house, Jim's sister until Boxing Day
and so will no doubt 
a good run 
quite often.

 Fenny is as fast as a fart in the wind.

 I kept up to her though,
even after I spent a day
at the daycare farm yesterday.
Lots of exercise in the passed 2 days,
so a bit of a tongue show is to be expected.

 Erika, Jim and Jami (Fenny's Mom/Mom to be/yup preggers!)
stood precariously on the edge of the cliff
while Fenny and I jumped over the old fire pit,

 and around and around the field.
I told you Fenny is a motorboat 
on all 4's!

 A mid-romp sniff break was welcomed by both of us every now and again.

Fenny is energy personified
and is super charged all day.
Here she comes
straight into the camera!

The return walk was mighty cool...down right cold.
But hey, we are strong up here in the North Atlantic.

See...down the hill...those ponds....!
Well, I jumped in and got good and wet and muddy...hahah!

All in all, 
Fenny, Erika, Jami, Jim, Ron and I
had a delightfully exhilarating and brisk walk.
No wonder with this view,
anyone would enjoy the trek!