Friday, December 2, 2011

Return of Mocha..LocaMotion!

 Such a grand time I had today
with my newest friend Mocha
that I knew you'd love to see our jaunt.

 You remember Mocha's 1st beach excursion
click here

 Mocha showed up again here

 and again here

 We clicked right away and tore down the beach...

 Mocha is young and since I turn 5 in two months
I have lots to teach mmmmMocha!

 Right now....tag you're it
try to get the ball away from me
were all we could manage....

 Maybe next time a surfing session 
may be of interest to Mocha
you never know...

 Mr.Orangie might be happy about that,
must be tired of being thrown and chewed all the time.

Aaaahh...that was pretty much 
the closet thing to magic....

'til next time
later 'gator!