Monday, February 28, 2011

Flo knows her stuff!

I managed to get a walk in today
albeit very short.

We reached the boardwalk and I glanced down the expanse.

Finally I descended upon the beach and what else...
I caught my ball!

A beach crony appeared from over the grassy slope.
Her name is Flo 
with her dog named Pal (right)
and Sasha, a friend's dog (left).

Flo is a magic lady because my exuberance needs to be quelled when treats are offered.
She was so patient with me and the other two dogs.
I'm OK with my guys but I tend to get super excited around strangers.

After a few attempts, Flo manged to control
my leaps of joy and inappropriate two steps.

I know I'll run into her again
and needless to say
I will try to remember
her training sessions.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Safety First!

The snow-wind storm that clobbered us last night
transformed our frigid North Atlantic beach
into a sea spray spectacle.

I thought I'd share with you
how amazing the sea spray can be
with residual storm energy!

Carefully managing the rocky shoreline.

This is the power that lay before us!

Jim points out the continuous onslaught of waves pummeling the shoreline.

This beach,
 Lawrenceton Beach,
 is so much more dangerous than the beach I showed you yesterday.(click)

People have been thrown off there feet and swept under the waves here.
Watching at a safe vantage point is really recommended.

Occasionally, a close observation is chanced
just to feel/smell the sea spray and the power of the waves.

I get a bit "antsy" with the guys when they do this.
So I try and lead them away from the water's edge at every chance.

Whether I am only thinking about their well-being (who buys my food, anyway)
or safety first
I just feel a 100% better when we are good distance from the rocky edge.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baseball Diamond really!

As I mentioned recently,
there used to be
 a baseball diamond (click)
on this point of land (click)
back in the 1950's

We walk this beach frequently because it has such a variety
of trails from sand, rocks, grassy fields and woods.

This is Jim and I scrambling over the the rocks from the beach.
You'll notice seaweed in amongst the snow and rocks.
It's my downfall.
I sneak bits of it,
chew it up quickly,
then in the middle of the night 
I heave it all up.

I got my eye on Jim and the seaweed as he and I maneuver the rocks and slippery morsels.

We are at the point where two beaches meet like a spit of land.

The frozen sea water is visible in the foreground covering the rocks.
 With the low tide, the spit of land is easy to access.
The remains of a wooden structure can be seen on the right.

This is another view of the wooden uprights which
seems to be a  wharf.

From this angle with a high tide you can see the wooden uprights very clearly.
Hurricane Hazel 
was the culprit and as I have indicated many times
Mother Nature can lay vengeance swiftly.

With destruction comes beauty,
 yin and yang,
~~ duality ~~
light and dark,
high and low,
ad infinitum.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Antsy...who me?

This beautiful beach
and these beautiful waves,
yet I feel kinda antsy!

 Sometimes I do a two-step!

Then I "zone in" on my ball.

 Ron sends my ball down the beach

 only for me to return with my prize!

I did notice one thing though.
My blond tips have really gotten long

I wondered if I was having some kinda "blond tipped" moment.

I heard that next month was destined to be another haircut month.
Perhaps that's the reason for my increased activity.
Why antsy though?
I love my hair stylist!
I know the reason...
I just can't wait to see her again!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rufus...Could he be my Bro?

I received this email recently from
Lori Skoog

To my amazement she spied a Labradoodle in the parking lot of her grocery store.
This fellow, by the name of Rufus, was giving her the eye.
Lori was so intrigued with how much he looked like me.
I thought it only cool to show you.

What do you think of that?
Who's who?

Lori is such a sweetheart to have taken the time to do this for me.
Now scoot on over to her blog (click on the yellow text above) and enjoy a feast of farm life, dogs, cats, horses,artistic talents,
photography, food and love.
You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Drop Dead Cute!

We all need a chuckle once in awhile
at least daily in my neck of the woods!
So, click and smile!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red Border Collie - Gibson

As I told you 
Gibson and I could feel the tugging of 
the full moon this day. 

Aren't Gibson's eyes remarkable!

Blue and beige, just like a husky...beautiful!

I was told poor Gibson had a period in his life 
that wasn't the best.

Tied by a short tether for the longest time.

Needless to say the new parents were appalled and 

I know Gibson is beyond happy now.
I enjoy meeting new friends on the beach.
 If I can make their encounter "a good run and chase",
then I've accomplished my task.
There is a story behind every friend I meet.
I level the playing field very quickly with 
a slight bounce,
a deliberate pounce,
a split second dodge,
a tete a tete run into the water.

Until the next time Gibson!
Let's not make it 6 months like before...wink wink!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Full Moon Wave Action! ~~~~a la Windsurfer^^^

I and my guys were mesmerized by this daredevil.
This windsurfer was very early in the season
but I'm so glad we were able to capture the essence of the pure action.
We had rounded the second beach and lo and behold we spied
this person assaulting the waves near the far shore.

MacDonald House tearoom, thrift shop, art gallery and surf shop loomed overhead.

The adventure continues...

It's amazing how Mother Nature can offer such beautiful views.

I still can't believe there wasn't anyone else taking advantage of these waves.

This "neck of the woods" is well-known in the surfing community 
along the Atlantic coast between Florida and Timbuktu
(meaning anywhere along eastern North American coastline)

Even the lonely seagull seemed interested in this human daredevil

Amazing how much this view reminded me of a monarch butterfly!

I just wanted to offer you this moment I experienced
and next time I will show you a bit more of my new friend Gibson, the Red Border Collie
enjoying his brief moment of dogmania around the next bend on the beach.