Thursday, February 3, 2011


Since yesterday was a S-N-O-W day...
actually caused by a double whammy of a dumpload of the white stuff,
we decided to celebrate my 4th at Grandpa's(nicknamed Pups) house.
So, in between the dumploads there was a hiatus.
Into the car we jumped, headed for The Three Dog Bakery 
and then Pups house!
Pups was so proud of my first tasty morsel
that he had to show it off.
I know he wanted it because they said at The Three Dog 
that even humans can eat their creations! Imagine that!
I figured that if I was going to get that treat out of his hands
I had better sit 'good'
and give him the "don't cha just love me stare"


Paula, Jim's sista, helped with the unveiling of another treat.
Look, it's a 'pupcake' in other words
a cupcake for puppies like me!

Now for the piece de resistance!

The humans figured they needed something
since I was over indulging
only seemed fair for them to do the very same thing!
Besides Pups wanted cake, in a bad way!
(sort of has a sweet tooth
don't tell him I told you)
The last thing that I remember was this bag sitting on the floor
and my head diving into it.
Really if this is a typical birthday celebration repertoire
then I'm all for it