Thursday, February 3, 2011


Since yesterday was a S-N-O-W day...
actually caused by a double whammy of a dumpload of the white stuff,
we decided to celebrate my 4th at Grandpa's(nicknamed Pups) house.
So, in between the dumploads there was a hiatus.
Into the car we jumped, headed for The Three Dog Bakery 
and then Pups house!
Pups was so proud of my first tasty morsel
that he had to show it off.
I know he wanted it because they said at The Three Dog 
that even humans can eat their creations! Imagine that!
I figured that if I was going to get that treat out of his hands
I had better sit 'good'
and give him the "don't cha just love me stare"


Paula, Jim's sista, helped with the unveiling of another treat.
Look, it's a 'pupcake' in other words
a cupcake for puppies like me!

Now for the piece de resistance!

The humans figured they needed something
since I was over indulging
only seemed fair for them to do the very same thing!
Besides Pups wanted cake, in a bad way!
(sort of has a sweet tooth
don't tell him I told you)
The last thing that I remember was this bag sitting on the floor
and my head diving into it.
Really if this is a typical birthday celebration repertoire
then I'm all for it


  1. Happy Birthday.....!!

    sorry it's a day late...but...we're a little slow up here in the high country.....

    Life is Good

  2. A fun day was had by all! Especially the 'birthday girl'! She was beyond herself with excitement at the 'bakery'.

  3. What a brilliant pupcake and what a beautiful cake for the humans too.

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday and a fun time with 'Pups'

  4. Wow!!!
    Those cakes look soooo tasty!!!!
    Lucky girl!
    Happy Bday!

  5. Oh Sophie... I wish we had a Three Dog Bakery here. I just got a shipment of goodies for Gracie a couple of weeks ago. She loves their peanut butter rawhide bones. Did your dad's ever read the book 'Three Dog Life' the story that led to the creation of The Three Dog Bakery? That's how I knew about it.
    We are so glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday Sophie and we just love that pup cake!! Bobbi and Gracie
    PS this message is from gracie... "I hope you hid a few of those treats from yesterday. A year is a long time."

  6. Hi Sophie,

    Glad you had an excellent birthday! Good thing they got a human cake or you would have had to share with Pups! I posted a link to your blog on our facebook site:
    Hope to see you hopping around the store again soon!

    Warm Wags,
    Taylor and the pack at Three Dog Bakery

  7. What an incredible birthday! All your friends, good, what a great time!!

  8. Sophie, that picture of you looking at Paula . . . I honestly don't know if I've ever seen a dog look happier. You have a good life, Sophie.

    I know what you mean about the "good sit." There is sitting and then there is *sitting*. Our big dog, Moby, *sits* when he really wants something and, somehow, he develops an extra wrinkle in his eyelids that makes him strongly resemble a teddy bear and the next thing I know, he got what he wanted. It's like magic! Maybe a Jedi mind trick!

  9. Hope you had a great birthday, Sophie! I'm stopping by from the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. I'm looking forward to returning to your blog and reading about your adventures. I like you and family party - cake for everyone!

    Ooh, and Three Dog Bakery rules!
    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  10. Looks like a fun party! And love the new header photo of Snowy Sophie!

  11. Oh : ) What a wonderful celebration! And humans can eat the cupcakes from the dog bakery? now that is pretty darn cool!

    Pups made me smile!

  12. Pugsley loves the Three Dog Bakery. Since it's only a mile away from the house, he doesn't understand why we don't stop there all the time. Being in an outdoor mall, dogs are welcome in the entire mall (even the stores).
    After seeing this, he wants to have a pupcake in Sofies honor. And she can have one in May at his birthday.

  13. spoiled girl! we don't live close enough to all the dog shops and bakeries in the citaaay---so we are drooling and dreaming. Guinness and maggi

  14. Gee, Sophie, you have better birthdays that I do! Of course, I'm not counting them any more either! Super goodies for everyone, how great was that?

  15. Sophie! I don't know another pup who has had a more fantastic birthday celebration and have never been to a shop like Three Dog Bakery...Phoebe and Gucci don't know what they are missing.

    Glad you could spend your special day with family. They must have loved the cake you ordered for them. You sure are considerate and a very lucky dog.

  16. That is what I call a superior Birthday! I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself so much, and had so many good things to eat.

    By the way, I love the new picture of Snow Sophie on your header.

  17. Oh yumzers, yumzers! Happy (belated) Birthday - looks like everybuddy got cake - mmmmmmnnnnnnn! (And seems like everything was devoured too!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  18. It really looks like a fun, wonderful and delicious(!!) day!! Sophie, I wish you many, many more enjoyable birthdays filled with fun and family!! :-)

    PS: I LOVE your header picture, you are really a beautiful girl in all seasons Sophie!!

  19. That looks like my kind of party! We used to have a Three Dog Bakery here, but it closed. Fortunately, Mom has two of their cookbooks. It's true, all the stuff used in their treats is pretty healthy, and edible for humans, too! Dad has tried them!


  20. What a grand party! Pups looks like a lot of fun to party with and I know your crazy about Paula. I wish we had a doggy bakery here, those treats are beautiful.
    Love the snow covered Sophie Header! It's like your a frosted treat : )

  21. Happy Happy Barkday, sophie.
    What a lovely day you had. Your treats and your cake look just too delish..Droool..Drooolll...and how lovely that you have a wonderful Grampy to pamper you:)

    May you get all that you dream of, the whole year through,
    wags, ginger, Buddy n Shadow

  22. You should have had 4 dog biscuits and 4 cakes for your fourth birthday. You've got THE LOOK down pat. Well done.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  23. It looked like a wonderful day at grandpaws. Happee Birthday!
    Benny & Lily

  24. Happy birthday Sophie! The goodies looked...well, delicious!

  25. Happy birthday, Sophie! You scored BIGTIME!
    We love your header photo! You kinda like the snow, huh! haha

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  26. Happy Birthday Sofie! What a great party!

  27. Wow, what special treats you had! Cupcakes just for dogs? Amazing!

  28. Happy Birthday sweet Sophie! You are a very lucky girl, having a family who loves you and pampers you so much! And, they're lucky to have a sweetie like you.

    Thanks for the Nova Scotia coyote references. I have read a lot about past attempts to control coyote populations via killing, and coyotes respond by making pups double-time. In fact, they tend to *increase* their population under the pressure of these programs. But, it sounds like the NS program is a little different - they're trying to deter coyotes from coming near population centers rather than trying to decimate the population.

    The live trap thing gives me chills, imagining animals stuck in them for long periods but I do see the dilemma of not want to kill dogs.

  29. Happy Birthday, dear Sophie! What a wonderful day you had. You deserve it!


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