Monday, May 29, 2017


My "1/2 cup full" philos'
has been on full speed ahead 
over the passed couple of weeks.
With a smile and Mr. Orangie 
in tow ~

allow me to introduce Harley
my very young companion
Mr. Orangie filcher
(that is a word right ~ 
click the yellow word!?!)
Nothing but good energy here 😍!!! 

The sand is returning to my favourite beach again.
It is always so soul-refreshing to inhale the salty
Atlantic Ocean
chase for Mr. Orangie
feel so Doodle~complete.

On an entirely different note:
Look here!
This is a Baltimore Oriole
frolicking and rollicking 
in our azalea and cherry trees.
1st time seeing this beauty.
Happy Camper, indeed.

The Merry Month of May brings rain
and in this case
gazillions of droplets
covering everything insight.
This is a very very close up view of the beauty of an azalea blossom.

Back to the beach again!
Fetching and swimming
helps me lose the 10 pounds
that my vet decided was necessary.
So, drum roll
I lost 7 pounds
I am overjoyed
continuing with my new diet.

This raindrop sparkle
truly helps me see life easier.

Even the wild strawberries appear joyful.
What is it about all this anyway?

Cedar waxwing Joy!
Six lovelies landed on my cherry tree
proceeded to eat the cherry blossoms.
They visited for a few minutes 
they were gone
but not before my Daddy Ron captured this beauty.

Re-acquainting our lives with a salt marsh pond along the trail
has been upper most on my walks with Daddy Ron.

When one has the trail and a backyard
full of nature
the light and shadow
just stops one in their tracks ~
just like me below!

So are you coming or not ?