Saturday, November 29, 2014


Wandering through the dune grasses the other day my
started to tingle
which meant either 
I was going to visit someone
I was going to get a haircut.

Major hugs were coming from the usual suspects, in this case Daddy Jim.
I was so right about this feeling and before I knew it 
we were visiting ~

Mim Mim (Jim's sister) at Mills Brothers again.
She ALWAYS makes me feel super good inside
because I think she has a DOODLE HEART!

She loved my hair cut
just as much as I did. 
We laughed and squiggled all over the place.
I made a new friend there too,
a lady that works with Mim Mim.

I was quite played out after my visit at Mim Mim's clothing and beauty shop,
as my reflection shows while parked near a java joint.
I just plunked my chin on the car window sill
and breathed in the sights waiting for the trip home.

I hopped out of the car as soon as we drove into the driveway at home.
I love to check things out whenever I go away.
My hair cut always takes a day or two for me to digest
just like it does for the people too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hey folks !!
Uh, huh it's me
since our new library is just about to open
I thought it only fit to show you a wee bit of one end of it.

Look 'way up 

Don't tip over

Now relax and enjoy a smoother ride.

You can see white thingies in the windows
which I assume prevent birds from flying into the glass.
Fingers crossed.

The floors resemble stacked books askew.

Look everyone can help fill the library too.
Ron and Jim will be putting
stickers inside their book of choice
in memory of their mothers
after donating a wee bit to this new landmark.

Hey, Jim don't tip over.

This place is so high and all glass

and is just one street view 
more to come another time.

OK, Jimbo whattaya think ?
Need a change of pace?
Sure you do !!
Let's get movin'

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My life is pretty much the same each day
with maybe a variation in 
destinations and ~

today was no exception 
with the guys following me through the autumn dune grasses ~

I stopped for a second and the clicking began.
Must be something about the colours and lines 
as the Dads always say.

All I know is I was blessed with blond locks
on my head and legs
and whenever the perfect moment appears
they begin their photo dance.

Even Ron plays with my colours
almost having me totally hidden in the grasses.
Mr. Orangie always gives me away though.

Jim takes the high road along the dune's edge.
Don't you love the rocks, grasses and sky,
not to mention Jimbo !?!

JOY really is all I can show you
when I reach the top of the dunes.
I truly LOVE arriving and descending upon the beach.

although totally covered in layers
loves this beach too,
no matter what the season offers us and ~

I agree wholeheartedly,
because to leap and bound
to run and dive
inhaling and exhaling salty air
makes us healthier 
every time we come.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Jim ~ What are you doing?
Oh, so you are using your magic powers again.
Always teasing!

You can't get away from me,
as I have told my friends on Facebook.
'cause I am as fast as a bullet
as quick as firefly
as speedy as a comet (how appropriate).

This fellow has the whole beach to himself now,
with me heading over the grassy dunes to the car.

The perfect weather is holding it's own
which is a plus for us
because wet snow is on it's way.

I'll believe it when I see it.
I love tempting the Gods.

Teasing and Temptation
they always go hand in hand
from my perspective.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


The other day Ron and I decided to walk around 
the Halifax Public gardens
while Jim attended to a medical appointment nearby.
The sidewalks were littered 
with thousands upon thousands
of leaves and ~

the best chalk graffiti
by someone declaring 
their LOVE for Emily FOREVER.

Inside the gardens were sprinkled with
golden leaves
with plenty of empty benches
for anyone to take advantage of.

Around the 3rd corner heading down Sackville Street
I zeroed in on a delightful fragrance.
without a care in the world ~
Could that be my mantra for the day?

I discovered this choice gate door 
which was locked
but I was more interested in the scent
attached to the bottom.
Ahhh ~ HEAVEN !

We managed to circumnavigate the perimeter
 and return to the car.
As we sat quietly 
4 people scooted by on segways
I could hear one of them ask ~

"Is it normal to be passed by pigeons?"
(turn up your volume and just listen as the 4th person scoots by)

Such is my life,
but I can tell you 
I would never let pigeons
 (spelled without a "D" for Pete's sake Ron )
pass me, 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


~ May this day bring you closer to your loved ones
may it help with any sorrow that has followed your path
may it lift you up ever so gently
softly lay you down with love ~

~ Sophie & Ron

Friday, November 7, 2014


Follow me !!
The boardwalk leads over the grassy dunes
(to protect them from being destroyed by
4 leggeds and 2 leggeds)
when you reach the other side, well ~

you will find whatever your heart desires
(in the lower right corner is one, 
not quite fully formed but close)

This is what I'm talking about !!
HEARTS on the beach.
They are there, 
you just have to be patient and imaginative.

Crashing waves 
constantly pummelling the rocks
grind them down 
over and over again ~

producing gems like these
waiting to be picked up
or to be photographed.

 The pounding surf is relentless
no wonder the shoreline changes constantly
season after season after season after season ~

but then without warning
you will fall upon something like this
sitting on the sand
as if it was meant to be
to be seen by myself
or you.

This is why I love to go to the beach.
Our beach has so much action somedays
and calm and serene on others.
Finding these
is like putting frosting on the cake.