Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brilliant Colours!

Peeking ever so faintly through the trees in the distance I can see red....

our red and white Canadian flag blowing loosely in the breeze today at the park..

Winter has descended upon us with full gusto
in and out 
like sauerkraut.

But what I noticed the most were the colours on everybody in the park.

Bright blues and oranges...

to brighten up our somewhat drab landscape.

I even nosed a moment with this GL 
and a green and blue possible treat provider 
slipped by me.......imagine that!

More orange to match Mr. Orangie,
kinda made me feel at home.

I really like all these colours 
and I think they show up more 
because winter is here.

I suspect in the summer I wouldn't notice these colours as much,
probably because these peeps wouldn't be so decked out.....I guess!

Then I realized I was proudly displaying
 my Baby Blue collar
 with my olive green leash 
 ~~~one of the gang I am!