Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sophie on it should be!

Yesterday~~~after meeting the Little Red caper
I coerced Ron into a shoreline patrol~~~~

I needed to dip my paws into the water
I was overheated and I know this always 
cools me off.

Up over the rocks 
through some evergreens
I stood waiting for Ron
not realizing that the ice that had formed
would be so treacherous for climbing!

We continued straight up this trail and when we reached the top 

this is what we saw below
yes~~~~we were just down there on the shoreline 
below the road that the truck is driving on.

I really like this view from the cliff edge.
I'm going to show Jim this view tomorrow
when we come again!

Since I'm still on patrol 
we left the cliff area and headed down this road
which is one we've walked many a time
then all of a sudden we veered off to the left into the brush.

Through the woods we made our way
with me scouting
the pathway.

Come on Ron~~~what's keeping you?
(do you see me in camouflage?)

We discovered a castle!
At least it looks like a castle to me.
I don't think anyone is home
except one lone crow
doing sentry duty!
You decide for yourself
what you think is happening here!
Because I think, 
everything is as it should be
closed up tight 
until spring rolls around!