Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peace and Serenity near the Water

Off for our daily walk,
we dropped in on Maggie and Mim 
and headed out for a 1.5 hour jaunt.

Across the street from Mim's place is a yacht club,
which Ron wanted to see more closely
at the end of the walk.

With the sounds of chimes slightly tinkling,
Ron noticed  that the water in the lower part of this picture wasn't that icy.

This year and the passed three years our winters
have become much milder/warmer.
Of course, this is all relative but for us
it means we can get out and go for walks
all winter long without frost bite,
especially on my puppy toes.

You can see the slight film of ice covering the water
creating some very interesting designs.

The peace and solitude along the water's edge
was such a contrast at this time of year as compared to the summer.

Maggie and I made a point of getting extra lovin's
from this guy as we headed for home.

Jim and Mim,
(hey, that rhymes)
prepared soup and toast
while I licked up all the crumbs.
Only seemed right that I should help out too.

Testing and tasting,
I do believe these two knew what they were doing.

I think that I will show you some pictures
of our walk through the woods and along the shoreline.
You were there with us last November.
You'll see here Part 1 and here Part 2!