Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Crepuscular Rays

Standing on guard is something I have mastered
especially because Mr. BlueWhistleBall has joined me....!

As an opening in the clouds appeared  I wandered down the boardwalk 
to the beach for a search....a sniff search!
The waters appear to look like platinum or aluminum
with that opening above.

The skies changed just a bit and the rays of light...
became a bit more evident.

My attention was fully engaged
by something hidden under the snow.
I have x-ray sniffer vision, you know.
I was here the other day and I found a tasty morsel.
Shhhh...don't tell anyone why my stomach
was grumbling all night long....shhh!

 I know my guys are excited with sky, water and rocks,
but gees give me a break...
couldn't there be once
 just once
a juicy succulent piece of seaweed, 
unfrozen that is!