Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oakley~~~~~not Annie Oakley!

This is Oakley!

4 month old Valley Bull

A mix, a cross between an English Bull Dog and a Boxer

So you can see Oakley is taller than a English Bull

and more squat than a Boxer.

So friendly and joyful

and oh so inquisitive

 see what I mean Oakley is sniffing my mouth

OK Oakley I may not have the sweetest breath
 but come on you don't have to close your eyes

You want to play, don't you!

I know exactly what you are getting at with that stance 

Oh so, a Chocolate Lab wants to join in, that's just fine

Oakley certainly has learned a lot today from me and CL

Well, SuperDoggy Oakley better catch up to his owner 
or we might just have to take him home with us!