Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Relief....Perfect Relief!

Hi everyone!
I'll just let you scroll through this series of pictures.
If you are HOT,
(not saying you're NOT) 
I'll have you cooled off by the end of the post.
So without further ado,

Hope this put a smile on your face
that you had as much fun as I had.
(Sometimes, a few pictures say more than words)
Thanks to my photog Dad Jim 
taking this pictures.

I'm RAW today!

Today is a new day.
Come see what I saw in the RAW!
 ~~~Queen Anne's Lace~~~
 Myself sauntering to my new favourite swimming hole in PPP.
 See there's nothing stopping when I smell water.
 OK, who are these doggy woggys?
Hey, Ron throw the ball, please!
 Just remember that's my new L.L.Bean ball!
So control the chomping maneuvers.
 These guys aren't listening so I better intervene.
 Only takes an alfa female growl and presto back to my peaceful excursion.
 This Cape Islander was wending it's way down the Northwest Arm.
 and then we met this perky feller.
You know he can climb trees
and he did it 2x while I stood there...honest.
My Dad's weren't fast enough to capture the event...oh well, next time!
 So to get back to my original comment
about being in the RAW.....
Today the guys tried taking photos using the RAW setting on their DSLR'S.
I think things turned out pretty much the same,
don't you?!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Waiting for Irene!

I could smell something was a brewin' in the air!
  This is what I could see to my right 
(the 2 pictures below)
greyness and intense winds
(notice the windsurfer on Conrad's Beach)
 ...nothing deters a windsurfer, except no wind...

  and this is what I could see to my left
and over the cliff
 The wind was gusting high on the slopes.
This is when you have to be super careful with your footing
because of erosion and loose overhangs.
 Jim loves leaning into the wind to see if it braces him.
All I can say is...get me up this hill and out of the way of this crazy man!
 Irene's surf kept rolling in and with the new moon tonight
the water should reach super high levels.
 This view can give you a more dramatic wave angle.

The darkness in the sky is Irene which appears to be quite far off in the distance.
We appear to be on the edge of her wrath.
 Well, I better get up the slope. 
Check out who was down the slope looking up at me!

More pictures!
Am I surprised!
Back atcha buddy!
Winky Wink!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre-Hurricane Irene

 While we wait patiently for the weekend to arrive

  with fingers crossed that Hurricane Irene

 doesn't veer off and dump her winds and rains on us as we have witnessed in passed years, 

 we decided to go to the beach today

 to soak up the rays and watch the familiar sights.

 Jim was snapping loads of photos of the windsurfers

 and of little ol' me, of course.

 Up on MacDonald Hill, the wooden chair had been moved to the top of the slope

 so we had a much grander view of the ocean in front of us.

 A fog bank hung off the shore which just added to the eeriness and possible foreboding.

Two kayaks managed to parallel the shoreline not expending too much energy.

 These few hours of sheer joy and excitement

can only be balanced with satisfaction and contentment.