Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Orange ~ undoubtedly my "fave"

the colour
the shade
the tone
the smell ~~
the taste : p
All these and more extenuate my love for anything orange!

Most nights we can see a beautiful orange sunset over our garden shed
and the salt marsh.

The reflection of that sunset in the mirror is intensified in the bottom part of the window.

Even the shower curtain is a glow.

The kitchen table stained glass lamp is a very warm orange.

You can see the lamp reflected in the vertical window by the back door,
also, showing you how close we are to the vet's clinic.
I really like the warm tones and shades made by
nature and humans.

Even the fruit on the counter...!
The only thing missing in the 1st pic,
 as if you hadn't notice,
is my orange ball.
Jim took off to see his father
and the orange ball is in the car.
Must talk to him when he gets home.


PS. I wanted to add:
If you like 'orange' as much as I do
made by 
Elvira Pajarola
Magical Paces on Tuscany's Coast
You won't be disappointed!