Thursday, March 10, 2011


 I stood on guard with Jim as he took pictures of the surf with his new Nikon D90.
(You may be interested in knowing that the first home is a B and B
smack dab on the edge of the embankment.)

After realizing Jim was pretty safe,
I exercised by running the length of the beach.
I've noticed every 5th to 7th wave is more expressive and demonstrative.
(no rogue waves sneaking up on my guys today though)

These two shots above show you the beauty of these waves that I passed.
The second is a cropping of the previous shot.
(Just look inside that curl, really amazing)

I was intrigued with the edge of this wave.
It looks like hardened molten glass.
(Again, 2nd photo is a cropping of previous)

I was mightily drenched with these waves by the time I reached Ron.
No matter,
one shake and I was ready for more!
Love it!