Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unexpected Pleasure!

Today we got an unexpected visit from Jim's aunt Annabel 
and cousin Cathy!
They arrived with lobster sandwiches for the humans which I thought was pretty cool,
since Bluenosers are known for their love of lobsters.

I was more interested in dive-bombing Cathy with a nose to nose confrontation of massive licks.
With my new flowing locks sheared, she was more than a willing participant.

Aunt Annabel enjoyed the sandwiches and tea.
She retired into the living room with everyone
and began leafing through a photo album of  relatives 
who lives in Redlands, California.
I thought it only dog appropriate to "nuzzle" her and give her a few licks.
You never know
she may have a few treats hidden up her sleeves,
just like Grandpa!

Like any family get-together,
lots of questions about who's who and what are they doing now.

These two always have a great ol' time when they see each other.
I really enjoy them because they sneak treats to me
and drop food on the floor every once in awhile...goldmine, I tell you!

I wanted to thank Cathy for bringing Aunt Annabel over to visit Grandpa Jim.
So, I snorked her again.
She fully accepted and she finished her tea.
Word has it we will be visiting them soon 
for baked beans and fish cakes.
Now that should be another goldmine of treats!


  1. Lobster sammiches? Man, I really, really have to move close to you!!!

  2. Attention, attention! Don't you just live it!
    Benny & Lily

  3. He he, your not food driven at all, are you Sophie!

  4. ohhh C&L love when visitors come over. Looks like Sophie does as well.

  5. Who could refuse kisses from a looker like you Sophie??? Love that new haircut...Zoe has one also!!!

  6. Loved your post Sophie! Reminded me of some years ago, when my mother was quite frail, I witnessed my old Border Collie, Effie May, walk past her, take a bite out of the sandwich that she held in her hand, and never miss a step. Needless to say, my dear mother never knew what happened and never missed that bite ... so we ALL kept the secret!

  7. Aah Sophie, how lucky you are! Treats mean you are loved. And you sure are!!! Lobster sandwiches? That sounds delicious. Gracie doesn't like seafood. How about you?

  8. What a lovely family get-together! Glad yo all had fun!

  9. lucky you Sophie to have such a fun family that loves your kisses....

  10. Looks like you got a buzz cut, Sophie!

  11. Sophie...I do believe you are loved by all!

  12. Looks like you had a great time Sophie! The 'olds' are always good for a bit of treat dropping. Have a fun packed weekend. Oscar and Ros

  13. Looks like you all had a lovely time. You are such a snuggler Soph I can see why they all love you so much.

  14. It's always fun to have company and maybe get a treat or two!


  15. Lobster sandwiches? How posh are you? I am lucky if I make myself cheese ones.

    It looks like a great day though mwahhh! x

  16. You are such a wonderful hostess. Greeting everyone and making them feel loved and welcome!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. Sophie, can you send some fishcakes my way? : )

  18. Sophie, You're a lucky girl having such a loving family!

  19. You are blessed with such a wonderful family!


  20. Aww, Sophie, I can feel the love.

  21. you should have gone straight for the sandwiches


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