Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thanking You!

So very interesting
to see
the Awards
flying around the 
A couple/few fell
into my world
I am overjoyed
and appreciative.

The Award of Thanks go out to:

So many bloggers deserve the accolades as well with all the hard work that they have put into their little worlds. My sincere thank you's go out to everyone who follows me and just plain loves to leave a connecting comment.

The excitement of receiving always intensifies whether I am charging through the backyard(above) or need to dig a big hole to China(right). I am so happy to just be noticed. I'm no prima donna because I can fend for myself if need be. I learned this through socialization at Country Critter Sitter's in my 1st year. There were so many dogs and appropriate behaviour was expected or out you go and never come back. I had my awkward moments but, all in all, my learning experiences made me a better and friendlier dog. I was super friendly anyway, so this just was enhanced.

So I gotta go now, 'cause the weather is 9 degrees C....1st time in ages and the beach is callin' me.