Sunday, March 27, 2011

In The Heather!

I met Deacon, a Vizsla, yesterday in Point Pleasant Park.
I used my "Let's Play" manouever with him and he played right into my hands.
Just like a good bluff in bridge, I think!

The heather was the perfect place to rest our haunches
and for me
to figure out how to get that ball back in my mouth.

Deacon was a sleek and strong competitor.
I really noticed that he 'clicked into' the process immediately.
Not too often do I find a willing and able 4 legged that plays so well.

Nice shot of our backs walking side by side
across the road to another patch of heather!

We charged into the humongous heather bed 
and from out of nowhere came
 Sierra, a Heinz 57,
wanting to try her stealth moves to secure the ever-elusive orange ball.

So, what happens?
Until next time
hang in there!