Saturday, March 5, 2011

Linda makes Good Tea Biscuits!

This morning, very early,
as I lay my chin on the side of the bed,
I was listening when I heard that
our friend, Linda
The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum
was going to 
Grandpa with 
a homemade dinner.

I waited and paced when I arrived at Grandpa's place.

 She arrived with a big smile on her face
and a pot of split pea soup
and homemade tea biscuits.

Jim supplied the desserts.
......a lemon tart....
...........a mini chocolate cheesecake.........
These both melted in their mouths. 
(You will notice I said "their" mouths.
I watched hoping for falling morsels.)

Grandpa was very aware of the fact that I was on the floor.
Don't tell anyone please but
he manages to drop pieces of tea biscuits down to me.
I am pretty certain nobody knows what's going on.
You see....
He and I have an unspoken understanding
"You take care of me and 
I'll take care of you."