Saturday, November 28, 2015


Look down!
I am 'way down here.
Do you see the new creation of Daddy Ron's?

It took him a very, very long time to pick up his needles again.

Fine motor skills and brain cognition
go hand in hand ~

so from out of the blue
these factors seemed to be working much more smoothly again.

I usually sit nearby
watching his creations being formed ~

and for some reason
this knitting ball 
keeps creeping up on me!

I suggested that Daddy Ron
should lay the beginnings of his 6 foot scarf
on the glass plate sitting on his mother's
cedar chest ~

he noticed the wooden caster he found 
while on a trek one day
placed it square in the middle 

he tells me 
"It feels so good to be using my hands again
along with my brain.
Colours, shapes and textures
make me whole again
by just picking up on a hobby
taught to me by my grandmother and mother,
once so engrained
really gives one hope 
that there can be more around the corner"
(many thanks to Cindy for the petrified wood
to the mystery sea glass maker on the beach
the owner of the wooden caster 
from long ago)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


When the skies are blue, 
the air is fresh and clear,
when the green grasses go to sleep

smothering the ancient driftwood

you'll find me slipping through the dense mass

heading directly to the water's edge

bouncing back so very speedily

because the cooler temps just make your toes shiver

so a return to sleeping dune grasses

leads us gingerly along the undulating paths
directly to Daddy Jim's shop
in MacDonald House
so very far away 
on that hill.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I heard a MEOW,
over there ~~
Did you?

~ under the dripping ornamental crabapple ~

I'll just slowly slip quietly along the deck.

 Guess what?
I was whisked away 
over the bridge to Halifax
to the park.
Did you hear that?

 THAT must be what I heard !
~ a quiet, solitary kitty
lounging on the back of a comfy chair 
checking out everyone 
that meanders by ~

This kitty looks zonked or something!

But I assure you,
my house is 30 kms away
I know for a fact
that this kitty was using ESP
to let me know that
s/he wanted me to know that ~

this little American Goldfinch was making s/he real twitchy!
Real Twitchy!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hey Sophie!
What's up?
Your 4 Doodle Paws are certainly in a hurry.
Where are you heading?

I know sweetie ~ Jim's not here with us!
Ain't as much fun without him, is it!?!

Mr. Orangie gets a workout  with mucho munching
when Daddy Jimbo has to work.
We'll make the best of it, honest!

Besides look over there on the hill.
He's working hard for only 4 hours today
meeting all kinds of people.
Remember the day he let you come inside MacDonald House
and you ran around like a cracker jack on fire!?!

Well, he remembers that too and
is thinking of you 
all the great help you assisted him with.
I just looked at the time and I think it's time to pick him up.
Let's Go!!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Just minding my own DOODLEBUSINESS as usual
in Point Pleasant Park
bouncing Mr. Orangie in the fall leaves ~

sometimes Mr. Orangie tricks me
Where's Waldo aka Mr. Orangie
 becomes the game of the day.

The thing is I didn't even notice
All the brightly coloured joggers 
were fading into the distance 
as they sped by us ~

I tried to warn this 
not to go down there
but she paid no attention to me.
What do I know anyway!?!

All these park friends 
kept close by each other
for protection 
I am sure!
Dogs do know better, you know!

We slipped passed this ol' haunted stump
which from the feeling it gave me
I should keep the guys close
start heading back to the car.

I think that this 
and her tiny munchkin
had the very same idea ~

Just ahead of us this 
was heading for the two lights
coming down the road

Then it started 
everything began to swirl
spinning round and round
so fast
so quickly

We were caught up in the frenzy!
For a few moments I thought I'd see
Alice from Alice in Wonderland ~

and before we knew it
it was all over
all calm
all serene
all better

It was a very strange walk indeed
I for one
am so very happy
to see the car just down in the parking lot.
What was that anyway?
Any ideas?

Monday, November 2, 2015


Following Daddy Jim along this pathway near the lake ~

across this field 
usually coveted by other dogs 
in the summertime

passed the pure white birches

we head directly for another bench closer to the water's edge.

 Where's Mr. Orangie, Jim?
Over there?
Over where?

Oh I see what you are talking about.
I understand English, you know!

 Here I come back for more after ~

I dunk myself and shake all over Jim!

Only seems like a fair trade off
as we return to the car 
walking under the red maples ~

 ~ a little too soon for my liking,
I might add!