Monday, November 9, 2015


Just minding my own DOODLEBUSINESS as usual
in Point Pleasant Park
bouncing Mr. Orangie in the fall leaves ~

sometimes Mr. Orangie tricks me
Where's Waldo aka Mr. Orangie
 becomes the game of the day.

The thing is I didn't even notice
All the brightly coloured joggers 
were fading into the distance 
as they sped by us ~

I tried to warn this 
not to go down there
but she paid no attention to me.
What do I know anyway!?!

All these park friends 
kept close by each other
for protection 
I am sure!
Dogs do know better, you know!

We slipped passed this ol' haunted stump
which from the feeling it gave me
I should keep the guys close
start heading back to the car.

I think that this 
and her tiny munchkin
had the very same idea ~

Just ahead of us this 
was heading for the two lights
coming down the road

Then it started 
everything began to swirl
spinning round and round
so fast
so quickly

We were caught up in the frenzy!
For a few moments I thought I'd see
Alice from Alice in Wonderland ~

and before we knew it
it was all over
all calm
all serene
all better

It was a very strange walk indeed
I for one
am so very happy
to see the car just down in the parking lot.
What was that anyway?
Any ideas?