Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I heard a MEOW,
over there ~~
Did you?

~ under the dripping ornamental crabapple ~

I'll just slowly slip quietly along the deck.

 Guess what?
I was whisked away 
over the bridge to Halifax
to the park.
Did you hear that?

 THAT must be what I heard !
~ a quiet, solitary kitty
lounging on the back of a comfy chair 
checking out everyone 
that meanders by ~

This kitty looks zonked or something!

But I assure you,
my house is 30 kms away
I know for a fact
that this kitty was using ESP
to let me know that
s/he wanted me to know that ~

this little American Goldfinch was making s/he real twitchy!
Real Twitchy!!